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Friday October 19, 2018 - Email this article to a friend

Marc Bauer spent a night in the cells after apparently insulting a policeman while allegedly drunk during a night out. He was in Colmar in Alsace to promote the resort. UPDATED

The 62-year old has been mayor of the French ski resort since 2008.

Police were called to a noisy party in a restaurant at around 1am last Friday after complaints from neighbours.

The officers asked them to keep the noise down but were forced to return after further complaints.

The manager of the restaurant and his son were arrested while out on the street and taken into police custody.

It is an offence in France to be drunk while in the street.

We first reported it on PlanetSKI earlier on Friday in our News In Brief section.

The Mayor and other party goers went to the police station to protest and it was then Marc Bauer was arrested and placed in a police cell overnight.

One report said he "copiously threatened and insulted one of the officers present".

It is reported that he refused to be tested for alcohol and was insulting and aggressive to the police.

He was released from custody on Friday afternoon.

"We are sorry for the inappropriate behaviour of our elected official, thank you for your understanding," said a short statement from Val d'Isere on Twitter.

He will have to appear before the criminal court of Colmar on January 31st 2019.

He is facing charges for contempt of a person in charge of public authority, in this case two police officers, and for refusing to submit to a blood alcohol screening test.

If found guilty there may be serious questions over whether he can continue as mayor.

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