Some Glaciers in Himalayas Resisting Climate Change Melt

Some areas of glaciers in the Karakoram Range are defying the global trend of glaciers losing mass. The glaciers of the Himalayas are melting, but not in one area. It appears to be due to an increase in precipitation from the west. NEW

Alpine Glaciers Set for Highest Ice Loss in 60 Years

The summer heatwaves in Europe are having a significant impact with glaciers shrinking sharply. This year is when many have woken up to the fact that on current projections it is likely many glaciers will disappear in the coming decades. NEW

Another Glacier Resort in Europe Set to Close

The Fonna glacier resort in Norway is closing its summer season early on August 21st as conditions deteriorate.  It had been the only place where summer skiing bore some semblance to normal conditions. NEW

Melting Glaciers Reveal Human Remains

Two bodies have been found in separate sites in Switzerland as the glaciers recede under high summer temperatures.  It follows the discovery of wreckage from a plane crash in 1968.

Receding Glacier Reveals Wreckage from 1968 Swiss Plane Crash

A mountain guide has found wreckage of a plane that crashed in 1968 on the Aletsch glacier in Switzerland. As the glaciers melt across the mountains more of their secrets are being given up.

French Mayor Says Climbers Should Pay  €15,000 Deposit to Ascend Mont Blanc

The Major of Saint-Gervais, Jean-Marc Peillex, says it is needed to cover possible rescue and funeral expenses. Saint-Gervais sits at the base Western Europe’s highest mountain. UPDATED

More People Head To Mountains This Summer to Keep Cool

More and more people in France are choosing the mountains for their holidays this summer as temperatures soar. That’s according to The National Association of Mountain Mayors. UPDATED

Canadian Ski Resort Threatened by Wildfire

Apex Mountain Resort is evacuated and its snow guns are turned on as the Keremeos Creek Fire spreads. We have an updated video from the resort as the fire grows. UPDATED

Zermatt Suspends Summer Skiing as Glacier Melts

It is the latest resort to call off summer skiing as the warm summer temperatures take their toll.  Hintertux in Austria is now the only on summer ski resort in the Alps open to the general public.

Great Salt Lake in Utah at Lowest Level Ever Recorded

The largest salt water lake in the Western Hemisphere has reached its lowest level since records began. The lake is claimed to have a significant impact on the quality of winter snow in Utah.

Controversial Plans to Link Pitztal & Soelden Cancelled

It had been planned to join the two Austrian glacier areas in the Tirol. There has been much opposition from environmentalists and some locals.  UPDATED

Italian Resort Suspends Summer Skiing as Glacier Melts

Passo Stelvio is the latest summer ski resort to close as warm temperatures take their toll. Some question how many more years glacier skiing in Europe will be able to continue. The freezing level in Switzerland is currently over 5,000m – higher than any alpine peak. UPDATED

Heatwave Takes Its Toll on Mountains of Europe

The current heatwave has accelerated the melting of the glaciers with summer skiing and snowboarding currently badly affected. Some glaciers resorts have closed their slopes, but the mountains are offering some respite from the heat and a wealth of great activities. UPDATED

Les2Alpes Ends Summer Glacier Skiing as Temperatures Soar

It is the latest resort to end its summer skiing operations.  There are continued high temperatures and a lack of fresh snow after a modest winter for snowfall. It raises questions about how long summer glacier skiing can carry on in alpine resorts. UPDATED

Italy Declares State of Emergency Over Drought

It is the worst drought in 70 years and follows poor levels of winter snow and precious little rain since. The alpine areas are badly affected and it will impact on summer glacier skiing. UPDATED

Final Death Toll in Italian Glacier Collapse Reaches 11

It was feared a 12th person could have been killed, but rescuers now say there is no reason to believe the toll will be higher. A day of mourning has been held. Rising temperatures have been widely blamed for the tragedy. UPDATED

Warnings of Further Glacier Collapses as Climate Change Makes Mountains Unstable

In Switzerland scientists are monitoring the mountain above Kandersteg which is moving several meters a year. A new crack has been spotted on the Marmolada glacier in Italy that partially collapsed killing 11 people earlier this month. UPDATED

Fresh Warning on Alpine Snow Levels

A new study claims the number of snow days where snow lies on the ground in the Alps will halve by 2100 if greenhouse emissions remain high. Mountain seasonal snow cover is undergoing major changes due to global climate change, but action can be taken. NEW

State of Emergency Set to be Declared in Italian Alps as Drought Worsens

There has been no rain for almost 4-months in places. It follows a winter that saw snowfall levels down 70%, so there has also been precious little meltwater filling the rivers and reservoirs.

Everest Base Camp Set to Move Due to Climate Change

The camp is on the Khumbu glacier that is melting rapidly. A new site needs to be found at a lower altitude where there is no year-round ice. Rising temperatures are hitting the glaciers in the Himalayas hard. NEW

Low Levels of Winter Snow in Italy Lead to Worst Drought in 70 years & Water Rationing

Some people in the ski regions of Piedmont and Lombardy have been asked to ration water in the sharpest drought in the area for 70-years. It follows one of the worst winters for snow in recent years. UPDATED

New Overnight Sleeper Train to the French Alps from Holland

The Dutch travel operator Sunweb Group and overnight train operator European Sleeper have announced plans to launch a new night train from the Netherlands. It should give another option for UK skiers who like train travel to the mountains.

Summer Skiing Opens on Whistler/Blackcomb Glacier

It’s the first time the glacier has opened in the Canadian resort since 2019. There were fears that skiing and snowboarding in the summer might be over forever.  However there are restrictions and worries for the future of glacier riding.

Another Alpine Glacier Resort Calls Off Summer Skiing

The Molltaler glacier in Austria has announced it will not open this year.  Earlier this month Val d’Isere said its glacier will remain shut.

The Alps Are Turning Greener But Native Plants Under Threat

A new report says the melting ice, diminishing snowpack & rising temperatures means non-native plant species are growing in the Alps. It is a further sign of increasing climate change.

Lake Tahoe Clean Up Ends

The 72-mile shoreline of the Californian lake has been cleaned in a project that started in May 2021. Lamposts, phones and engagements rings were found.

Austrian Glaciers Likely to Melt by End of the Century

That’s the stark warning from the head of the World Meteorological Organisation, WMO, as global warming takes its toll. Glacier skiing continues in the Alps this summer but there are worries about for how much longer.

US Resort Uses Fully Electric Piste Basher

Taos Ski Valley in New Mexico is thought to be the first North American ski resort to use a fully-electric snow grooming machine. Other resorts are looking with interest with some claiming hydrogen power is the future.

Skiing, Snowboarding & Sustainability

Much is talked about environmental initiatives and sustainability.  But is it even possible for ski resorts to be ‘green’? They are in pristine mountain environments, use large amounts of resources and that’s not even mentioning international travel. PlanetSKI examines the issues in the Ski Welt in Austria.

Inghams Acts on Sustainability

The ski tour operator and its sister brands, Esprit and Santa’s Lapland, have announced they’re taking new steps towards sustainable travel as part of a Climate Action Plan. 

Eco Stays in Isère

More and more of us are trying to do our bit to ‘go green’ and still enjoy our snowsports.  The Isère region in the French Alps has some great ideas for how you can make your visit more sustainable.

International Ski Federation Launches New Environmental Initiative

It aims to become the first Climate Positive International Sports Federation by 2022 through its FIS Rainforest Initiative.

Kite Skiing Across Antarctica

Justin Packshaw and Jamie Facer Childs are heading south to begin an 80-day expedition across 2,500 miles of the frozen continent. PlanetSKI is following their travels.

North American Ski Industry Leaders Join Together to Fight Climate Change

Alterra Mountain Company, Boyne Resorts, POWDR and Vail Resorts have announced the Climate
Collaborative Charter. It is the ski industry’s first unified effort to combat climate change with shared commitments around sustainability and advocacy.

A Greener Way to Get to the Alps

World attention is on the COP26 summit and how we can tackle the climate situation. Skiers wanting to head to France are being advised that train travel is perhaps better for the planet.

Climate Change Threatens Swiss Glaciers

In landlocked Switzerland temperatures are rising faster than in regions that benefit from the ocean’s cooling effect.The glaciers are under threat as world leaders meet for COP26 in Glasgow.

IOC Commits to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Half by 2030

It comes as the UN Climate Summit, COP26, takes place in Glasgow. The International Olympic Committee claims a firm commitment to tackling climate change as snowsports is threatened.

Snow Cannons Used to Battle Wildfires in California Ski Resorts

The cannons were turned on at Sierra-at-Tahoe ski resort and with the help of fire fighting teams the resort has been saved. Kirkwood is under threat, Heavenly has been evacuated and Squaw Valley has been partially closed due to smoke. UPDATED

Summer Glacier Protection Continues

A handful of glacier areas in the Alps have once again been protected by coverings this summer in an attempt to slow the melt. It may though just delay what is looking increasingly inevitable and it comes at a cost.

Sustainability Award for Morzine-Avoriaz Ski Resorts 

The Flocon Vert sustainability label is awarded by the European organisation, Mountain Riders. It recognises destinations that demonstrate a commitment to a sustainable development policy. UPDATED

North America Heatwave Devastates Glaciers

Scientists say the glaciers are melting at ‘worrying rates’. The temperature at 3,000m is 6 degrees above average with large amounts of ice melting. Glaciers are melting at alarming rates across the world. UPDATED

Ski Industry in USA Unites to Fight Climate Change

The four largest ski corporations in the US have come together in what they say is the first unified effort to combat climate change with shared commitments.

Covering Glaciers: an Expensive Way of Preventing the Ice Melting

Covering glaciers with tarpaulins reduces melting by as much as 60% but is too costly to use on a large scale, according to a Swiss research study. A separate report warns that the temperature of the Swiss permafrost is continuing to rise. 

Piste Bashers Going Green

An Italian company has unveiled a fully electric piste basher + a hydrogen powered groomer. A glimpse into a more environmentally friendly future?

Vail Resorts Claims Major Step Towards Zero Carbon Goal

The mega US-based ski company says it’s made big advances towards its commitment to reaching a zero net carbon footprint by 2030.

Ikon Pass Offers a Way to Shred for Sustainability

Lift pass holders in North America can clock up their skier days this winter and the company will plant 22,500 trees in the names of those with the most skier days in each of its resorts.

French Piste Bashers Turn Green

All 250 ski resorts in France will introduce hydrogen-powered piste bashers as part of a commitment to going carbon neutral by 2037.

Ski Lift Company Commits To Preserve Mont Blanc Glacier

Skyway, the alpine cable car connecting Courmayeur in Italy to Chamonix in France claims to be the first company to come up with an environmentally sustainable research project to preserve the glacier.

Courmayeur Defends Its Action On Threatened Glacier Collapse

Homes and hotels were evacuated earlier this month over fears that a massive ice block could fall from a Mont Blanc glacier.  The threat has now been lifted.

Newspapers From Crashed Jet Found in Melting Glacier Ice

Several newspapers believed to have been on board an Air India Boeing 707, which crashed above Chamonix more than 54 years ago, have been found by the manager of a nearby mountain hut.

Climate Report Claims Many Winter Olympic Hosts Could Not Stage Games In 30 Years

The study says that only 10 of 19 former Games locations will be able to stage reliable winter sports events by 2050 and just 6 by 2080.

Norway’s Melting Glaciers Reveal Viking & Iron Age Finds

Melting glacial ice in Norway is revealing hundreds of Viking and other historical artifacts on the route of a long-lost ancient mountain pass.


Two new reports make grim reading for those involved in winter tourism. The future looks bleak, but there is some hope.


Emmanuel Macron has been to Chamonix to see for himself the damage caused to the country’s largest glacier by global warming and announce measures to protect the mountain from over-tourism.


The recently retired German alpine racer Felix Neureuther believes skiers should no longer train on glaciers in the summer. Is it time to ban summer skiing?


The community in the French ski resort is determined to reduce the environmental impact of the mountain town.


The resort in the Austrian Tirol has been recognised as the largest climate-neutral ski area in the Alps.


The head of the International Ski Federation reflects on 10 years of the best & worst in skiing & snowboarding as we enter a new decade.

Les Menuires Going Greener

It’s the only ski resort in France to have partnered with Protect Our Winters. The charity is helping Les Menuires be more green.


A new video is out to show the advantages of taking the train to your ski resort of choice next winter.

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Alpine Glaciers Set for Highest Ice Loss in 60 Years

The summer heatwaves in Europe are having a significant impact with #glaciers shrinking sharply.


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