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Boys V Girls
Saturday December 5, 2015 - Email this article to a friend

Each winter two teams from the company Ski Amis train to put snow chains on the company vehicles and then have a competition. Guess who wins every year?

It is a part of the company's staff training as all the staff, whether they are drivers and transfer staff or not, get to learn how to put snow chains on the company's vehicles.

"They may be called on to do it at anytime over the winter and the chances are the weather will not be good when they do it for real so it is vital they practice," said Ed van Zadelhoff.

"We show them how to do it and everyone gets several goes and then we spit the staff into two teams - boys and girls and we have a  little fun competiton." he added.

It's like a relay race with everyone having a go.

Each person has to get the chains out of the box and fit them to the wheel.

They then take them off and put them back neatly in the box for the next person to then have a go

Ski Amis has been doing it for 15 years and each year the same team always wins - The Girls.

"The boys have never won and I think that is because they are over-confident and rush it and then get in a mess. The girls are always more methodical and precise," said Ed.

This year the girls team of 18 did it in 26 minutes, while  the boys took 29 minutes and 20 seconds. 

No girl was slower than 2 minutes and the fastest was 58 seconds.

#girlpower lives! Smile

Ski Amis training snow chain competitionSki Amis training snow chain competition













Ski Amis training snow chain competitionSki Amis training snow chain competition













And if you want to finf out more about the shared transfer service Ski Amis offers then see here.

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