Will Ski Resorts in Spain Open for Skiing at Xmas?

It looks like some will and some won’t, with final decisions expected this week. Elsewhere in the Pyrenees Andorra and France are not opening until January. NEW


Spain has a host of resorts in the Pyrenees and conditions are looking rather good as Xmas approaches.

The snow guns were turned on last week as the temperatures dropped, and then the snow fell.

In huge early season amounts.

Baqueira Beret, Spain

Baqueira Beret, Spain

Formigal, Spain

Formigal, Spain

But will resorts open for skiing and snowboarding or remain closed to stop the spread of Covid-19?

In Spain travel has been restricted between December 23rd and December 6th, with Spaniards only able to cross regional borders for family visits.

Other reasons include include, work, study and seeking medical treatment.

The rules currently make no exception for skiing.

If resorts open it will be locals only.

In the Aragon region of the Spanish Pyrenees the resorts of Formigal, Panticosa, Cerler and Valdeinares and Javalambre have delayed opening until the situation is clearer.

Staff at the resorts remain on Spain’s furlough scheme, ERTE.

Candachu and Astun haven’t set a date for opening yet and have also placed staff on ERTE.

The resorts of Masella, Boí Taüll, La Molina, Port Ainé, Vallter 2000, Espot Esquí and Tavascán had all announced that they are opening this week on December 9th.

Spain’s Tourism Minister, Reyes Maroto, said that the “government is in favour of opening in a safe way”.

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In Spain the regions are largely responsible for imposing their own coronavirus rules, set within national guidelines.

The Health Emergency Chief, Fernando Simon, has warned that any relaxation of measures could lead to a resurgence in the spread of the virus.

Baqueira Beret is privately run and is due to open this coming Friday.

“We open season on December 11th!” is said on its Facebook page with details of the opening and restrictions.

The resort is a favourite of the Spanish Royal Family.

Baqueira Beret, Spain

Baqueira Beret, Spain

France has already said its resorts in the Pyrenees cannot open and that its citizens should not go to Spain to ski.

It has put in place quarantine restrictions for any French skier thinking of heading to the resorts in the Spanish Pyrenees.

France reveals measures to stop its citizens skiing abroad

There is more skiing in Spain in Sierra Nevada and it is due to open on December 10th.

It has around 1m of snow and opened at the end of last month for instructor training purposes only and not to the general public.


Elsewhere in the Pyrenees, Andorra has announced it is not opening over Xmas.

“It is a difficult and painful decision, but from a health point of view, it is better to postpone the opening of the ski resorts until January,” said the Prime Minister of Andorra, Xavier Espot.

Andorra stressed that it was keen to display its “loyalty” to Europe.

Andorra keeps its ski slopes closed

Spain’s Association of Ski Resorts (ATUDEM) presented plans last week for the winter season to go ahead.

It said that the sport is carried out in the open air and claimed that the length of skis keeps skiers apart.

It maintains the risks in ski  hire shops, restaurants and on ski lifts could be controlled.

It outlined plans for cleaning, placing of hand sanitizers around the resort, a ban on smoking in busy places and limiting numbers in restaurants.

Here at PlentSKI we expect decisions to be made shortly and we’ll keep you posted.