Two Female Ski Athletes Die in Separate Incidents

A French ski mountaineering world champion Adèle Milloz, 26, has died in a fall near Mont Blanc. A 19-year old cross country skier from Slovenia, Hanna Jamnik, dies in accident while training on a road in Norway on roller skis.

Adèle Milloz was training to be a mountain guide after retiring from the sport of ski mountaineering.

She died in a fall with another woman while roped together.

The 30-year-old companion who was also on the training programme.

Another party of mountaineers raised the alarm after seeing the women fall.

“Adèle was a luminous young woman,” said the chairman of the Company of Guides of Chamonix, Olivier Greber.

Adele Milloz won several world European and national titles in the sport of ski-mountaineering.

The sport of ski mountaineering discipline is to be included in the 2026 Winter Olympics in  Milan-Cortina for the first time.

An investigation into the accident is underway, but the authorities are reported to have ruled out a rockfall as the cause of the accident.

Mont Blanc, France. Image © PlanetSKI

Mont Blanc, France. Image © PlanetSKI

Some routes in the Mt Blanc area have been closed due to the danger of rock fall and a local mayor has proposed climbers and hikers pay a deposit before accessing the area.

In the other fatal incident the Slovenian cross-country skier, Hana Mazi Jamnik, was struck by a truck while training on roller skis on a road in Norway.

The accident took place in the Botshei Tunnel near Rogaland in Strand Municipality.

She was part of the national team and had a promising sporting future.

She was treated at the scene and taken to Stravanger hospital by helicopter, but died from her injuries.

“Hanna Mazi Jamnik has left us,” said the Slovenian Ski Federation in a statement.

“During the preparations in Norway, the life of our young cross-country skier, Hana Mazi Jamnik, ended in a tragic accident.

“Hana Mazi Jamnik successfully performed at the Blink Festival in Norway last week.

“Before the home World Championship in Planica 2023, she was included in the Slovenian national team for the first time.

“Last year, the 19-year-old won the title of junior world champion in the 10km free technique and was the runner-up in the 13km classic technique.

“In Finland in February 2021, she was 12th place at the junior world championships in the 5km free technique.

“Two years ago, she also won the summer national championship in Dolo near Ljubljana.

“Our sincere condolences to the family.

“Hana, you will always be in our thoughts.

“We will miss you.”

Tributes have also been paid by the International Ski & Snowboard Federation.

“The FIS Cross-Country family would like to extend our dearest condolences to Hana’s family and to her loved ones and to all who knew Hana as the positive and caring young person she was,” said FIS.

“Our condolences also go out to her Slovenian team colleagues and the entire staff.

“We are heartbroken about the loss of such a young life.”

An investigation into the fatal accident is underway and it is reported that criminal charges may be brought.

Image c/o PlanetSKI