New Snow Goggle Concept from Panda Optics

It’s new for 2024: the Dual Vision goggle by UK based, Panda Optics, is claimed to be a revolutionary new relationship between frame and lens. PlanetSKI puts it through its paces out on the slopes.

The Dual Vision goggle can be used with either a Toric Polarised lens, which mimics the curvature of a retina, or a Cylindrical Polarised lens, both link magnetically with the frame.

“Our latest goggle release, the Dual Vision, comes with several innovative feature upgrades,” said the Managing Director of Panda Optics, Oliver Heath.

“Most significantly is the reduced moulding frame on both the Toric and cylindrical lens, contributing to a 20% increase in field of vision without adding to the goggle size.”

“Another upgrade to previous models is a slightly rigid frame, this still allows a comfortable fit, whist adding tension to the powerful magnetic connection, which makes the lens swift to change, and secure.

“Sturdy strap attachments and easier buckle adjusting have all been considered in the design of the Dual Vision.”The Dual Vision goggle. Image c/o Panda Optics.

The Dual Vision goggle. Image © Panda Optics.

As with all Panda Optics goggles there is a low light HD lens included with every set.

The Dual Vision comes with a microfibre bag, microfibre cleaning cloth, all in a custom moulded box for safekeeping.

The Dual Vision goggle. Image c/o Panda Optics.

The Dual Vision goggle. Image © Panda Optics.

Panda Optics also offers stretchy lens guards and a neat moulded case for the second lens, for protection and easy carriage on the mountain.

These can be added to the order at the time of purchase.

PlanetSKI’s Sally Lovegrove has been putting the goggles through their paces on a recent  trip to Les Arcs.

Panda Optics goggles. Image © PlanetSKI

Panda Optics goggles. Image © PlanetSKI

“I’d had the same pair of goggles from a well known brand for the best part of the last decade,” said Sally.

“From years of good times being thrown around at apres ski (and a few tumbles on the slopes) they had seen better days and it was time for a change.

“The Panda Goggles suit exactly what I wanted – they are fun colours, have a trendy reflective lens in and most importantly the lens is easily changed.”

Panda Optics goggles. Image © PlanetSKI

Panda Optics goggles. Image © PlanetSKI

“Christmas Eve was filled with blue skies and sunshine so I chose the reflective lens.

“After years of scratched goggles, I was genuinely surprised at how good the vision was.

“The strap fitted comfortably and looked great against my neutral helmet.

“The last few days of the holiday brought cloudier conditions so it was time to switch to my other lens.

“The mechanism is magnetic and it could not be easier to change as you simply peel off one and snap the other on.

“Because of how easy it was to change, I was a little apprehensive that the magnet would not be strong enough or would grow weaker with multiple changes but it was strong and this was not an issue.

“It actually took more time to put the changed lens back in the case, than swap the lenses.”

Dual Vision Goggles are now available for pre-order at the Panda Optics website, priced at £160, with the option to pay in three instalments.

The goggle comes in two colours, blue and black, each with two lens options.

The choice of lenses for the conditions means that the weather has less impact on visibility, providing the best chance of seeing as the wearer is equipped for all light conditions.

So, when the visibility is reduced the ski day doesn’t have to be, the wearer can keep on doing their sport and can descend more safely.

Vision is key to being safe and aware on the slopes.

Panda Optics goggles have a wide field of vision.

By not reducing the wearer’s peripheral vision there are less blind spots.

This visual range is therefore safer and makes it easier to stay together with the group, while being more aware of what and who is around you.

Plus on those days when the weather is calm, and the skies are blue, there is more lens with which to enjoy stunning mountain views.

The reduced moulding at the top edge of the lenses allows the wearer to ski deep in the tuck position and still see the track ahead, enabling them to cover more ground quickly and reducing pressure on the neck.

Ready for competition – the goggles’ field of visions is ideal for head to head parallel slalom racing and multi racer disciplines such as ski and snowboard cross, for knowing where the competition is and maintaining the competitive edge.

The Panda Optics Range

The Panda Optics Range also includes the ‘RS1’, ‘Diablo’ and ‘Cobalt’ goggles, and for youngsters there are the ‘Cub’ goggles. Panda Optics sunglasses range offer wraparound and aviator styles.

The wraparound ‘Conquer’ styling and design is based on Panda Optics best-selling ‘Cobalt’ ski goggle and has a semi-rimless frame, and includes three cylindrical lenses.

Customer Confidence

Customers can buy with the confidence that Panda Optics provides a Lifetime Warranty, a 20-day return policy.

Panda Optics also sells replacement lenses, future proofing customer investment and reducing impact on the environment, as in the event of a heavy face plant, lens scratches or loss, there isn’t the need to replace the whole goggle.

Panda Optics offers free UK delivery for orders over £50.

Website customers have the option to pay in three instalments with PayPal.

The full eyewear range is available at www.pandaoptics.co.uk.

The Dual Vision goggle. Image c/o Panda Optics.

The Dual Vision goggle. Image © Panda Optics.

Panda Optics Dual Vision Goggles, Product Specification:

Dual Vision Blue

Mirrored Ocean Blue Cylindrical UV400+ polarised lens


Mirrored Hot Pink Toric UV400+ polarised lens

  • Maize yellow low light HD lens included
  • 8 point powerful magnetic lens change system
  • Integrated Guma® anti fog technology
  • TPU grade 6 rigidity Frame
  • 3-layer dual density foam with fleece finish
  • Frameless design
  • Fully helmet compatible unisex size fits medium and large
  • Easy adjustable strap
  • Twin silicone grip bands on inner strap
  • OTG (over the glasses compatible) max frame width 128
  • Moulded storage/packaging boxIncluded
  • Polarised Toric OR Polarised cylindrical mirrored lens
  • Low light HD Toric lens
  • Microfibre bag
  • Microfibre cleaning cloth
  • Custom moulded box

Price £160.00. Option to pay in 3 interest-free payments of £53.33.

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About Panda Optics

PANDA Optics is a UK based sports eyewear brand, with a focus on snow-sports and cycling.

Panda Optics is proud to be a British brand and therefore supports as many British athletes as possible.

Panda Optics was founded by a former ski instructor, who used to spend hundreds of pounds on goggles and was never fully satisfied.

Panda Optics has formed partnerships with ski schools across the Alps, as the instructors who ski day in, day out all season long, really appreciate the range of light their lenses cover, without having to pay a fortune in the first place, or having to buy extra lenses.


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