Avalanche Deaths Down Last Winter in Europe

63 people died last season with the seasonal average at around 100. In the USA numbers were also down, but they remained at the annual average in Canada.

In Europe the statistics on people that died in avalanches in the main skiing nations are these:

  • Switzerland: 18
  • Austria: 8
  • France: 13
  • Italy: 10

A total of 63 people died across all of Europe, including the Pyrenees, the Scandinavian Mountains, Apennine Mountains and Carpathian Mountains.

Avalanche danger sign

Avalanche danger. Image c/o PlanetSKI.

According to data from the Colorado Avalanche Information Center, CAIC, in the USA 13 people died in avalanches in the 2023/24 winter season.

Out of the 13 who died, 7 were skiers, 2 were snowboarders, 3 were snowmobilers, and 1 was not categorized.

This compares with 30 fatalities last season.

The average for the last 20 years is 26.2 avalanche-related deaths, putting 2023/24 well below average.

Avalanche Canada recorded 9 avalanche related deaths:

  • 3 in British Columbia
  • 3 in Quebec
  • 3 in Alberta

Of the 9 dead, 4 were snowbikers, 2 snowmobilers, 2 skiers and 1 ice climber.

The average for Canadian avalanche deaths is 10 fatalities per year.