Why rent snowsports equipment?

Skimium has 350 shops in 250 resorts across France, Italy and Andorra. It is all done online with some great prices. PlanetSKI reports on what it has to offer and the advantages of renting.


Renting ski equipment has never been so easy. Or such good value.

With the cost of taking your equipment by plane and the need to have up to date equipment, that is suitable to varying snow conditions, then renting is a growing option for many.

Let’s face it – if there is powder you need a powder ski and if it is hard-packed and icy then something different is needed.

If you are having lessons and improving you may want to upgrade your ski.

Renting allows the choice.

Gone are the days when gear was poor and prices high.

At Skimium none of the equipment is over 3 years, it is all serviced thoroughly before each rental and then fitted by professionals.

The internet has pulled prices back and meant selecting and sorting a deal is simple.

Some people prefer to ski or snowboard on their own equipment, they know it, trust it and have handed over a large amount of cash for it.

But if you want to try renting then there are many advantages.

Skimium is one of the fastest growing rental chains in the mountains. It is one of our main partenrs and comes with our recommendation at PlanetSKI.

We have also negotiated a special discount code for our readers to get you an even better price.

We have a promotional code PLANET0913 which entitles you to an extra 10% off their equipment order if booked before 31st October.

This deal can also be combined with other offers.  Internet discounts vary from -20% during high season to -50% during low season weeks.

See here for further details and booking.

The stores are independent and located in the heart of the ski resorts. Usully just a short walk from most accommodation.

But what makes it special is its unique and simple to use booking system.

So, how does it work?

Go to the Skimium web site and select the resort you are heading to and how long you want to rent equipment for.

You then choose your material from a wide selection of skis, snowboards, shoes, boots and helmets.

If you are ensure you can consult the section on ‘How to choose the right equipment’ guides

You then enter etails about yourself (height, weight, sizes…).

You then confirm you reservation with a 10% deposit.

It is as simple as that.

Your equipment will then be waiting for you in the resort when you arrive.  You need to prove your identity and pay the balance.

If you want to change it during your stay than that is no problem.

See here for the full list of resorts.

See here for help on how to chose.

Remember if the boots hurt or don’t quite fit correctly all you have to do is go back.

And if you want to swap your skis because you improve during the week or snow conditions change then the shop will be only too happy to help.

Best of all there are some great discounts to be had.

If you are going on a package holiday and are considering taking the ski package with you tour operator then check out the price difference – you may be pleasantly surprised.

Skimium is owned by the retail giant Decathlon and it comes with its formidable backing.

There are also further discounts if you are a Decathlon shopper – see here.

In addition on the Skimium web site there are a number of helpful sections prepared by experts – getting the most out of your ski holidays and planning the trip.



For full details then see the Skimium web site.




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