PlanetSKI takes a new rail route to the Tirol as we head to the mighty Ski Welt. Check out the ride & our first day on the slopes.


This one is an overnight train from Amsterdam in Holland to the heart of the Tirol.

First it’s the Eurostar train from London to Amsterdam.

Alpen Express to the Tirol

A late morning train from St Pancras, arriving in Amsterdam late afternoon.

4-hours of relaxation sitting on a train travelling at speeds in excess of 200mph – chilling, reading and a bit of surfing on the internet.

Followed by a fabulous meal at the 1Klass restaurant by the platform in Amsterdam as we awaited the sleeper train.

The romance of rail travel.

Alpen Express to the Tirol

Alpen Express to the Tirol

And then we’re off.

The couchettes are plenty comfortable enough once you are bedded in.

Alpen Express to the Tirol

And if you fancy a drink (or two, three, four…) there is, of course, the party carriage.

Alpen Express to the Tirol

And in the morning coffee is served.

Morning coffee

“The Alpen Express has a variety of quality couchette accommodation and a bar-disco on board,” says Daniel Elkan, founder of the independent rail-ski guide Snowcarbon.

“It’s a fantastic way to reach superb Tirolean ski terrain and a real step forward for sustainable travel to the slopes; making the journey part of the holiday”.

And as dawn breaks we speed through the Tirol.

Alpen Express to the Tirol

Arriving at 8am with fresh snow on the ground.

Alpen Express to the Tirol

See here for an earlier PlanetSKI story on the Alpen Express with links to our other journeys to the mountains by train:

New sleeper train to Tirol ski resorts

The Alpen Express

So, what awaits us?

3-days in the SkiWelt with its resorts of Söll, Westendorf, Hopfgarten, Itter, Ellmau, Going, Scheffau and Brixen im Thale.

We skied it last winter and loved it.

And have posted about all that is new for this winter.

And now we are back for more.

Fresh snow was falling as I headed up to the slopes after the rail journey.

Snow Report: Skiwelt 18th January

PlanetSKI arrives in Austria as the forecast snow arrives too…❄️⛷❄️⛷❄️ Read more here: https://www.planetski.eu/2020/01/16/planetski-snow-report-9/

Posted by PlanetSKI.eu on Saturday, 18 January 2020

Check back over the next few days as we report from the 284kms of the SkiWelt.


It was a bit of a murky old day, but the forecast for the rest of the week is blue sky all the way so I could put up with a bit of fog.

SkiWelt, Tirol, Austria

And I had the place pretty much to myself.

SkiWelt, Tirol, Austria

Here are a couple more images from the day as the snow fell in Austria.

SkiWelt, Tirol, Austria

SkiWelt, Tirol, Austria

And as darkness fell it was time for a bit of this.

Night skiing on the pistes above Soll in the SkiWelt.

It is Austria’s largest night skiing area.

SkiWelt, Tirol, Austria

Be rude not to really….

Night skiing in Ski Welt

Lesson of life: realise what you love (skiing) and find a way to do it to excess. Even at night. #Letsgoskiing

Posted by PlanetSKI.eu on Saturday, 18 January 2020

The resort offers it from Wednesday to Saturday.

The slopes are open from 6.30 – 9.30.

Worth every cent in my opinion.

Night skiing in the SkiWelt

And tomorrow?

The sun is due out and from what I saw today when the clouds lifted it should be rather special

SkiWelt, Tirol, Austria

Do check back as PlanetSKI takes a tour and an in-depth look at the SkiWelt.

All 284kms and 90 lifts of it.


See here for more about the SkiWelt.

And here for the Austria National Tourist Office

Tickets from London St Pancras to Amsterdam start from £35.00 one way

This journey takes four hours and seven minutes

 Alpen Express
Tickets from Amsterdam to Wörgl start from €90 one way

The train departs at 18:59 from Amsterdam on Friday evening and arrives at 07:47 at Wörgl on Saturday morning

The full Alpen Express journey time is 12 hours and 48 minutes

The service runs every week, with the first departure on Friday 20th December 2019 and the final inbound journey on Saturday 14th March 2020

See the full details here.

Accommodation was in Hopfgarten at the Das Hohe Salve Sportresort

During the winter (when the Alpen Express runs), prices start at €160 per person per night.