The weather has changed with the temperature dropping and snow falling as a series of storms hit the Alps. UPDATED



There was a slight lull in the weather at the start of the day in parts of the Alps, but things changed sharply in the afternoon.

The PlanetSKI editor James Cove is in Zermatt in Switzerland. Here is his report mid-morning:

PlanetSKI snow report from Zermatt, Thursday 27th February.

Posted by PlanetSKI.eu on Thursday, 27 February 2020

And by lunchtime:

Seems like the wind has picked up in the Alps. Our editor, James Cove, is in Zermatt.

Posted by PlanetSKI.eu on Thursday, 27 February 2020

“A new storm will roll into the Alps on Thursday bringing further heavy snow across the western and northern Alps in particular,” said Fraser Wilkin from weathertoski.

He has just sent us this week’s detailed PlanetSKI snow report:

“ This time the rain/snow limit will start very low but will rise to between 1000m and 1500m in places late in the day and overnight.

“However, many enclosed or internal Alpine valleys (e.g. the Swiss Valais) will see snow continuing to low levels well into Thursday night.

“The wind will then become very strong again later on Thursday, gusting to hurricane force at altitude.

“The weather will improve for a time on Friday, by which point there will be snowfall totals in some northern French and western Swiss resorts in the region of 70-110cm, at least at altitude.

“Looking a bit further ahead, the weather in the Alps will remain changeable with further snow for many areas late in the weekend and into next week. “


The storm has arrived.

Snow is falling and many of the high altitude lifts are shut as the snow is accompanied by high winds.

In France Les3Vallees and Paradiski have shut their higher lifts due to the winds

We will be updating this story soon so do check back.

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The expected storm has arrived in the Alps.

PlanetSKI is in Zermatt in Switzerland, where the weather has closed in but, so far on Tuesday,  there’s no snow.

Here’s our editor, James Cove.

Snow Report: Zermatt 25th February

PlanetSKI snow report from Zermatt, Tuesday 25th February.Read more here about the approaching storm: https://planetski.eu/2020/02/24/major-snowstorm-set-to-hit-the-alps/

Posted by PlanetSKI.eu on Tuesday, 25 February 2020

In fact the weather actually cheered up in the afternoon.

We’ll be posting some pictures and bringing you an update later.


The calm before the storm.

It has been another very warm day in the Alps.

In the Aosta Valley the city of Aosta at 580m saw temperatures of 26c.

In the resort of Pila above the city it was more than 20c at 2,116m on the slopes on Monday.

Pila, Aosta Valley, Italy

Pila, Aosta Valley, Italy

But it looked stunning under the blue skies as PlanetSKI spent the day in the resort.

Pila, Aosta Valley, Italy

Pila, Aosta Valley, Italy

Pila, Aosta Valley, Italy

Pila, Aosta Valley, Italy

Things though are about to change significantly.

“Tuesday will see the first signs of a major pattern change, with active weather fronts crossing from west to east late in the day and into Wednesday,” said the Alpine weather expert, Fraser Wilkin from weather toski.co.uk, On Monday.

“After a temporary lull early on Thursday, another active storm will reach the west later in the day.”

“This time the rain/snow limit will start low but will rise towards 1500m everywhere overnight. “

“It will remain very unsettled towards next weekend, with further active storms approaching the Alps from the west or north-west.”

“It will also turn colder again with snow returning to the valley bottoms.”

Our editor, James Cove, was out elsewhere in the Aosta Valley, in Torgnon, over the weekend:

PlanetSKI snow report, 22nd February 2020

It’s hot, but snow is on it’s way folks!Read here for the full details of current conditions in the mountains: https://planetski.eu/2020/02/21/planetski-snow-report-for-half-term/

Posted by PlanetSKI.eu on Saturday, 22 February 2020


Torgnon, Aosta Valley, Italy

Torgnon, Aosta Valley, Italy

Here at PlanetSKI we will be reporting in full direct from the Alps, but we have a dilemma.

Should we head to Zermatt for a couple of days given the forecast?

It is easy to get to the Swiss resort from the Aosta Valley as you head to Cervinia and then ski over.

We are planning an overnight stay and have a hotel in Zermatt booked.

But heavy snow and high winds may affect things significantly.

Decisons, decisions, decisions…