The specialist ski insurance broker, MPI, has put together some guidance if your trip to the mountains is affected by the outbreak of the virus.


The information relates specifically to MPI’s  ski and travel insurance.

It’s been put together in response to several queries the company has received.

Other insurance products may be similar but you should check the details of your own policy.

Read the PlanetSKI articles below for more about the effect of the outbreak on skiers and snowboarders.


Too ill to go on your planned trip

  • if you fall ill before you travel, MPI provides cover for you to cancel your trip
  • you will need a doctor’s certificate to confirm your illness and that you have been advised not to travel by your usual doctor

Become ill whilst on your trip

  • if you are taken ill whilst overseas MPI will cover your medical and repatriation costs, if deemed medically necessary by the treating doctor

Cancellation of your Trip

  • cancellation cover under MPI’s Insurance will activate should the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all but essential travel to a country or area that you have arranged to visit
  • if the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) have not issued a warning against travel and you decide you do not wish to travel, this would fall to the phrase ‘disinclination to travel’. You can choose to cancel the trip if you wish, but the cost is your responsibility

Curtailment of your Trip

  • if you are overseas and you become ill the balance of the holiday may be recoverable from insurance

*The observations above are subject to the Terms & Conditions of the policy and each claim shall be considered and adjusted on its own merits.

The BBC News website has also put together a series of questions and answers.

You can read the full article here, but a summary is below.

What are my travel rights?

In general, insurers and airlines take their cue from official UK Foreign Office advice.

If you go against it, you risk invalidating your insurance policy.

Your rights can also depend on your choice of airline and the small print of your insurance policy.

What if I decide to cancel my trip?

If the government has not issued a warning about the country you are booked to visit, you cannot expect financial compensation if you decide to cancel.

In those circumstances you need to contact your travel provider to cancel, postpone or try to get your money back.

Can I rebook?

Some airlines are now letting passengers rebook flights.

British Airways has said that passengers with bookings to some airports in the north of Italy – including Milan, Turin, Bologna, Venice, Bergamo and Verona – can rebook for a later date. 

Cancelling your original hotel booking will depend on the conditions at the time of booking.   

What if I miss my flight home because of quarantine?

Whether you are protected will depend on the type of holiday you booked and/or whether your insurance policy has a ‘disruption to travel’ clause.