People can now leave their villages and towns, plus limited outdoor exercise is allowed as cases drop. The ski resorts of Ischgl, Soelden and St Anton remain under full quarantine.  PlanetSKI reports.

Government coronavirus advice

Government coronavirus advice

The number of people currently suffering from coronavirus in Tirol has been stable or declining for several days which has meant the authorities can ease the strict quarantine rules.

From Tuesday people in most parts of the Tirol are allowed to go jogging, cycling and walking for exercise for the first time in three weeks.

People are requested not to go ski touring or any other high mountain activity or sport with inherent risks.

All 279 municipalities in Tirol were placed under lockdown ago three weeks ago.

That lockdown has now been been lifted from midnight on Monday and people can leave their towns, villages and cities for good reason.

Most of the Tirol will now be under the same restrictions as other parts of Austria.

People can now leave their residence for the following reasons: to work, go shopping, support other people and stretch their legs or do sports outdoors.

The Federal Government has said all measures must continue to be adhered to in a disciplined manner.

The wearing of masks is being regulated and further expanded.

Keeping away from other people remains a central part of the federal regulations across the whole of Austria.

“We will be able to leave our wee village if we need to, not for frivolous reasons but we will be able to move around. Restrictions to our movement are still in place, so it’s not open season but it is wee steps,” said PlanetSKI reader Lindsey Cairns who has been under total lockdown in her village of St Ulrich am Pillersee.

“We have reached that magical 1% infection rate.”

“Thanks to every essential worker who has kept the country running, you are the heroes.”

“At least our man has a plan, it’s not gone away and there is still a long road ahead but it’s moving in the right direction.”

St Ulrich am Pillersee, the Tirol, Austria

St Ulrich am Pillersee, the Tirol, Austria

For exercise people must do it alone or only with those who live in the same household.

The minimum distance of one metre must always be observed.

Tirol was the first area in Austria to hit this crisis and had the first coronavirus infections.

The ski resort of Ischgl has hit the headlines for how it handled the virus, but here at PlanetSKI we stress that official investigations are underway, and there are some unfounded allegations flying around.


“The development of the global corona pandemic is dramatic. Tirol is surrounded by three countries – Italy, Switzerland and Germany – which are all among the top 10 countries with the most corona infections,” said the governor of the Tirol, Günther Platter.

“In addition, Tyrol was affected by the corona crisis particularly early due to the strong tourism focus. Unfortunately, the coronavirus crisis is far from over in the Tirol, so great caution is still required.”

The strict regulations remain in place in the ski resorts of Ischgl, Soelden and St Anton.

“With a particularly large number of tests, the health authority wants to get as complete a picture of the regions as possible in order to be able to determine how to proceed,” said a statement from the authorities with regard to these areas.

The Austrian Federal Government has announced today it will gradually relax the country-wide measures from April 14th.

Small shops up to 400 square metres as well as DIY and garden centres can reopen under strict security requirements.

Wearing protective masks, regular disinfection and limiting the number of customers are basic requirements for this.

From May 1st, all shops, shopping centres and hairdressers can reopen, but also under strict security measures.

Restaurants, bars and hotels will not be able to open before mid-May at the earliest.