The resort has come under attack for not closing quickly enough or heeding early warnings. Some claim its actions helped to spread the virus across parts of Europe, but others believe it acted in good faith. PlanetSKI reports.


The resort in the Tirol in Austria has issued a statement on social media:

Dear guests, fans, colleagues & friends,

We have been massively criticized for the corona pandemic since the early end of the season.

We have read each and every one of your messages & comments, criticisms, encouragements & wishes and will take them to heart.

In the past few weeks we have looked after the well-being and health of our guests, employees and locals who were and are still on site – now we want to dedicate ourselves to you.

The corona virus has put us in an unprecedented exceptional situation. In the past few weeks, we have implemented all the necessary measures step by step.

Despite our efforts, many have been infected with the virus on site – we wish all those affected all the best and a speedy recovery.

Like the rest of the world, we now have more answers and experience than we did 6 weeks ago – we want to learn from this for the future.

We are happy to inform you about it!

Best regards.

The resort has come in for sharp criticism across the world.

An official investigation is now underway in Austria find the truth.

It was originally thought the first reported case in Ischgl was on March 7th – a German barman at the Kitzloch apres ski bar in the centre of town.

However subsequent investigations have claimed that the first reported case was a Swiss waitress at the same bar on March 5th.

On March 10th the resort closed all its main apres ski venues.

On March 11th the resort said it was closing for 2-weeks.

On March 12th it said it was closing for the rest of the season after the Provincial government all rski esorts to shut.

However, on March 4th Iceland warned the resort some of its citizens had come back from the resort and developed Covid-19.

On March 5th Iceland warned its citizens not to travel to the resort.

Some say it should have taken firmer action earlier after the warning from Iceland and then the outbreak at the Kitzloch bar.

The authorities in Ischgl have said it did it’s best in new and rapidly developing circumstances.

It led to holidaymakers with the virus returning to their home countries and taking the virus with them.

1,800 covid-19 cases linked to Ischgl

Our editor, James Cove, was in the Alps at the time and following all the resort closures and the spread of coronavirus.

Ski resorts close all over Europe

The Austrian authorities are investigating how the resort of Ischgl handled the situation.

Ischgl under investigation after claims it did not do enough to halt the spread of coronavirus

Some guests are now looking at a group legal action.

Legal action threatened over coronavirus spread from Austrian ski resort

There has been a mixed response to Wednesday’s statement from Ischgl.

Last weekend it was decided that Ischgl, along with St Anton, should remain under full quarantine for a further two weeks.

Ischgl and St Anton remain in quarantine

This comes as other rules in Austria are relaxed with DIY stores, garden centres and small shops able to open under strict social distancing measures and hygiene requirements.