FIS Restates its Commitment for Respect and Non-Discrimination

The International Ski Federation has re-emphasised its values following the Black Lives Matter movement and growing concerns about equality.

“FIS has always stood for the values of inclusivity and respect in every aspect of what we do, both on and off the snow,” said FIS President Gian Franco Kasper.

“It is critical to always remember these core values and for people to ensure that they do not act in any way to encourage or perpetuate any form of discrimination through their actions.”

FIS has called on all stakeholders, both on and off the slopes, to act in the spirit of cooperation and treat all people equally, regardless of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation with the respect that every human deserves.

The entire ski and snowboard community stands for “inclusivity and respect for others”

FIS says sports are a celebration of diversity as athletes from around the globe come together to participate in all snow sports.

The FIS Statutes which govern the organisation and its member National Associations state:

  • The FIS is neutral. The FIS does not allow any discrimination of and by a National Ski Association, a club or an individual member for political, racial or religious reasons.

According to the FIS Vision and Mission, the following core principles guide FIS:

  • Act responsibly
  • Show respect
  • Be professional
  • Cooperate with others
  • Apply ethical values
  • Communicate clearly and frequently
  • Look to the future

The FIS Code of Ethics expands on the principles:

  • Transparency, integrity, democratic and political neutralist in all decision making and management procedures
  • Respect of the spirit of sport which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play
  • Protection of competition against all kinds of cheating and manipulation, including doping
  • Respect of human dignity, non-discrimination of any kind on whatever grounds, and rejection of all forms of harassment
  • Compliance with the applicable laws, as well as with the rules and regulations of FIS, the IOC and WADA.