Golf Is More Dangerous than Skiing

Skiing and snowboarding are often seen as high-risk and injury prone sports. Apparently they are less risky than football, rugby, tennis, cycling and, er golf.

The new research comes from Golf Support.

It analysed 2018 figures of the official National Health Statistics Report on sports injuries, that surveyed 5,732 British sports enthusiasts to discover the sports most susceptible to injury.

Football is the most dangerous sport with 71% becoming injured whilst playing, followed by basketball (69%) and hockey (68%).

Skiing is a lowly 44%.

But if you really want to stay safe, then take up darts seems to be the message.

Sports by danger

Sports by danger

When asked for the main causes for their injuries, most Brits cited another person’s carelessness or error – 63%.

This was followed by:

  • Self-inflicted – 47%
  • Equipment/objects – 35%
  • Nature of the game (e.g. contact sports) – _19%
  • Lack of rules/safety protocols – _14%

People were asked for their opinion on who holds the most responsibility in ensuring safety in UK sports.

51% stated it is the individuals.

40% thought it was down to the business or facility running it, and a surprising 9% believe the burden falls on the UK Government.

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Ski Accident

Ski Accident. Image © PlanetSKI.