Quarantine Is the Key to Unlocking Winter 2020/21 For UK Skiers 

That is the claim from the rental company Intersport in a survey. It is released as UK quarantine is reduced from 14-days to 5-days.

Ski and Snowboard rental giant Intersport’s recent survey confirms what many in the ski industry feel – that the government’s announcement to reduce quarantine from 14-days down to 5-days, is the key to unlocking skiers’ pent-up-demand.

The survey of over 1,500 customers over the weekend of the 21st November found that 80% are still expecting to be hitting the slopes this winter, and more than half (59%) would be happy to take a five-day quarantine in exchange for their regular week on the slopes.

Intersport findings

Intersport findings

The survey also confirmed that lack of travel options and insurance cover, and the ongoing quarantine restrictions on return to the UK were the main reasons for reservation delays.

69% of those questioned had not yet booked, and 41% of skiers intended to be ‘last minute’ travellers this winter.

Intersport findings

Intersport findings

“Of course we all want to see British skiers out here this winter,” said Arnaud Coppell, head of Intersport Rent in France.

“And we know that the quarantine on the way back in to the UK is a real problem for our British friends.

“We welcome the UK government’s change in the number of quarantine days, and we can assure our customers that our shops are ready for this unusual winter, with a virtual queueing system, obligatory alcohol gel and masks and a no-questions-asked refund policy.

“To our friends in Great Britain we say this: whenever you can get here – no matter how late in the season – we’re ready!”

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This late-season sentiment is backed up by Ski Sunday’s Ed Leigh, who has identified perhaps the perfect week for Brits to hit the slopes through the Ed Leighs’ Money Saving Snow Tips series.

“I’ve been pushing Easter as the best time to go skiing regardless of covid,” says Ed.

“But with this change in quarantine regs, it actually means that for 2021 there’s actually a perfect week lining up: Easter is early this year, so book a day off work and take the kids out of school for Thursday the 1st of April, and get everyone to the alps.

Friday the 2nd and Monday the 5th are bank holidays, so if you stay all the way through until the following Sunday, you’re looking at 10 full days on the mountain with only 5 days needed to be taken as holiday.

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Ski rental market continues to grow

Though surprisingly some do not know about it.

Intersport findings

Intersport findings

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