Revolutionary Ski Kit For the Future

It’s being hailed as a game-changer: the world’s first folding high-performance all-mountain ski. We have a look at what the manufacturers say about the Elan Voyager and another innovation, an avalanche transceiver that talks to you. 


Elan Voyager

The manufacturers of the Voyager claim the ski will “tackle anything a demanding skier can throw at it, without comprising an ounce of performance”.

It is easy to transport by plane, train or car.

There’ve been folding skis before but this is said to be the first that performs to a high level.

Elan – a respected Slovenian ski-maker – says the secret of the Voyager is Elan’s revolutionary technology.

It uses an advanced four-axis mechanism that bonds and seals the ski together at the folding joint. This feature combined with a carbon-reinforced fusion plate serves as a load-bearing platform for support.

“The two components work together to provide torsional rigidity for superior ski performance, but also allow the ski to fold into a compact, easy to transport package, compliant with check-in baggage requirement,” it says.

The Voyager’s design also integrates both rocker and camber profiles into dedicated left and right skis.

“The cambered inside edge assures precision, edge grip and stability, while a rockered outside edge is forgiving and makes for buttery smooth transitions. Finally, the laminated Woodcore and RST sidewalls guarantee maximum hold from tip to tail,” it goes on.

The designers are said to have spent years fine-tuning the Voyager at their base in the Slovenian Alps.

“The result is a ski that allows you to bypass the wait at the oversize luggage belt or tedious queue in the rental shop,” Elan says.

“A ski that allows you to carve up groomers, float through powder, attack moguls – then slots into the back of your car with plenty of room to spare for other luggage.”

We’d love to give the Voyager a try but, in the meantime, enjoyed watching the Slovenian former Ski Cross World Champion, Filip Flisar, put the skis through their paces…

There are limited quantities in each length: 160, 166, 172cm.

  • 160cm (packed to 87cm) – 127/78/110 width / 12.6 radius
  • 166cm (packed to 89cm)  – 127/78/110 width / 13.7 radius
  • 172cm (packed to 93cm)  – 127/78/110 width / 14.9 radius

Voyager skis, bindings, poles and custom bag cost €1.499,95  (£1.349,95).

Ortovox Diract Voice

For any sensible skier or snowboarder who ventures off piste, an avalanche transceiver- along with a decent probe and shovel – are essential items of kit.

If you’re buried, the transceiver sends out a signal that that can detected by rescuers using their transceivers in search mode.

Ortovox is one of the leading brands and it’s come up with a new device with voice navigation to make searching for victims that little bit less stressful.

The Diract Voice gives clear spoken instructions, so if you stray off route, it will help get you back on track.

“For many rescuers, the stress of an accident clouds our thinking and we have seen that this results in staring at the beacon while conducting a search—this can have devastating consequences in the case of a shallow burial where the victim is visible on the snow  surface,” said Dieter Kotlaba, global head of hardware at Ortovox.

“With Diract Voice, if the rescuer ventures off track, the device will immediately course-correct with clear instructions. This support allows rescuers the confidence to keep their eyes on the debris field for surface clues, which could have real, positive impact on their search outcomes.”

Ortovox says the voice-navigation transceiver is the result of years of research and development.

“We wanted to create a technology that makes searching easier and helps you get found faster,” said Tom Mason, US brand manager at Ortovox.

“The goal of this transceiver’s development was to make the most effective rescue device possible while focusing on intuitive design and user interface.

“The key for us was creating a product that speeds up the rescue process while helping rescuers remain calm and focused. The confidence you feel when the transceiver talks to you, supports you and protects you throughout the entire rescue is eye-opening.”

Diract Voice will be available for $380 at www.ortovox.com in September 2021.