Freeride World Tour #2 On Wednesday

Ordino-Arcalis in Andorra s hosting back to back FWT contests with the second stop taking place just five days after the opener.  Can British snowboarder Cody Bramwell take another win? NEW

Stop number two has been confirmed for this Wednesday, 24th February, and new snow has arrived for the occasion.

It starts at 9.15am local time (8.15am GMT) and you can watch the live broadcast below:

The first Freeride World Tour event of the year took place on Friday and it didn’t disappoint.

The competition face in the Andorran Pyrenees was bathed in sunshine and the lines taken by the skiers and snowboarders were spectacular.

A 26-year-old Brit in his first FWT competition, Cody Bramwell, was the winner in the men’s snowboard event, as we reported.

Cody Bramwell – @freerideworldtour/©JBERNARD


Snowboard Men: 1 Cody Bramwell (GB), 2 Blake Moller (USA), 2 Nils Mindnich (USA)

Snowboard Women: 1 Marion Haerty (France), 2 Erika Vikander (USA), 3 Katie Anderson (Canada)

Ski Women: 1 Hedvig Wessel (Norway), 2 Juliette Willman (France), 3 Maude Besse (Switzerland)

Ski Men: 1 Ross Tester (USA), 2 Maël Ollivier (France), 2 Blake Marshall (New Zealand)

FWT #1 winners @freerideworldtour/@D Daher

You can watch some brief highlights in the videos below.

They’re both less than 2 minutes long.

We will link to the live stream of Wednesday’s competition, here on PlanetSKI.

MAIN PHOTO: @freerideworldtour.com/©D Daher