Chemmy Alcott Suffers Online Abuse

The Ski Sunday presenter and GB former alpine racer has been subjected to personal abuse on social media. Her co-presenter Ed Leigh described the comments as ‘vile’.

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Chemmy Alcott took over fellow British ex-ski racer Graham Bell’s role on this winter’s seven-series run of the BBC programme.

The four-time Winter Olympian fronted the show from Laax in Switzerland alongside Ed Leigh.

It’s now emerged that she was targeted by online trolls.

Ed Leigh revealed the abuse on Twitter in response to another case of trolling involving BBC Sport reporter Sonja McLaughlan.

She was reduced to tears after being attacked online for an interview she did after the Wales v England Six Nations rugby match in Cardiff.

Other female sports journalists, including football pundits and presenters Alex Scott, Karen Carney and Leanne Crichton, have also been abused online.

Chemmy has said the abuse aimed at her did not focus on her work.

“None of the abuse I received has anything to do with my professional work on the show. Far more personal,” she said on Twitter.

“Thanks @snowedleigh for highlighting this. It’s really crazy that trolls can still hide behind their computers.

“It takes a huge confidence not to let them in. Especially when they are countered by so many positive messages. I am lucky to have great support in you, zoid and dougie.”

Chemmy and Ed’s posts have prompted messages of support and praise for her work on Ski Sunday.

Here are just a few of them:

“I follow you on a few platforms and have been taken aback from some of the comments. You’re insightful, articulate and frankly far too beautiful for these jealous morons to cope with. I’d love it if you were my daughters ski coach one day. Keep ignoring the nobbers.”

“Chemmy, I can only imagine this is due to people being jealous of all you have achieved and how you inspire others. If you think of these people this way it at least gives a reason for their sad reactions and behaviour. They aim to drag you down to their level & that wont happen!”

“I saw some comments and it’s so wrong that people can get away with this. Social media has changed our lives and much of it not for the better. It was a great show this season full stop.”

“Sickening. It’s time the social media platforms found a way to stop it. If it was hitting them financially they’d be straight on it. You did a great job this season & are my 10yr old daughter’s idol.”

“I’m so sorry that happened to you. You and Ed were, as always, absolutely brilliant this year. I loved watching you race and I’ve loved watching you develop as such an excellent presenter. It’s so sad that you were subjected to abuse, I hope you weren’t too upset by it.”

“You are superb Chemmy ! Always were, always will be! Stay strong and stay you!”

The final episode of the 2021 Ski Sunday season aired on 21st February.

A couple of days later Ed Leigh revealed his own trauma early on in the run.

Here at PlanetSKI we loved the series as it brought many of us as close as we will ever get to the mountains this winter.

Our editor, James Cove, watched and reviewed the first episode back in January:

Meanwhile, the Race Director of the 2021 Cortina World Championship earlier revealed he received death threats after some complained about the setting of the dual slalom course.


There has been unanimous support for Chemmy from readers on our Facebook page:

Dean A. Clarke – SO F-ing disgusting!!! Anyone who says such horrible things is just trying to bring someone down to make themselves feel better. Seriously? So sorry.

Ollie Wooldridge – Chemmy is great and imparts her knowledge and expertise fantastically !but to compare this to Sonja Mclougchlan is completely out of context, I have been shuddering at Sonja’ s interview technique for years during the 6 nations ,it comes across as compleatly false and just trying to hard to ask awkward questions. But no one of either gender should have to put up with these pathetic keyboard cock wombles ! Unfortunately it’s become a part of life today ! Keep up the good work!

Lorraine Kelly – Totally unwarranted. Chemmy has done a great job.

Heather Bruce –  Absolutely shocking. Sadly it seems too many people are too quick to be unkind for no reason at all. Chemmy did a super job on Ski Sunday, in difficult times and whilst juggling family life and business (& looking fab throughout). To be commended not criticized.

Michael Biggs – Why??? Are these sad individuals with obviously no lives have nothing better to do than hide behind their keyboards, perhaps they think it’s big! I have another word for them.

Mark Young – What’s wrong with People chemmy has done great job.

James Harris – Chemmy is lovely and it’s amazing to watch her ski.

Annie Gardner – Being jealous and a moron has side effects. Ignore!

Peter Lock – I thought Chemmy was fab on Ski Sunday. Knowledgeable and confident. What’s the problem?

Miranda Edwards –  I think she’s perfect for the job – a natural presenter with so much knowledge and insight, obvs.

Feel free to add your view on the PlanetSKI Facebook page.

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