New Ski Podcast on the Blocks

It is hosted by Amin Momen from Momentum Ski and Ski Sunday’s Chemmy Alcott. It mixes music with ski banter and will be featuring a host of celebrity guests who will be selecting some of the tunes.


“It’s our kind of ski version of Desert Island Discs, digging deep into the powder rather than the sand, as our guests slalom through positives stories, with some great content and ultimately bringing Momentum into our listeners’ lives,” said Amin.

“We will take you back-stage in the Alps too, with things you might not know, and as those who know me might expect, I will be getting nerdy about music too.”

During lockdown Amin hosted the Aperitivo Sessions on Facebook which developed quite a cult following in the ski community as he played some of his favourite tunes and kept spirits lifted.

Amin in action

Amin in action in the Aperitivo Sessions

Chemmy is equally enthusiastic about the new podcast.

“Music inspires treasured moments in our lives…… imagine a first dance without a banging tune? Yoga or a boogie in ski boots on tables after the lifts shut without rock? It just don’t work!” said Chemmy.

“I always say the key to good skiing is finding your rhythm….. the beat of your pole plant – the transition bounce between turns – it’s all about your inner music!

“By asking our celebrity guests to share their most memorable ski experiences plus their top tips for a great winter holiday and their favourite songs, we’ve created some epic off-piste chats.

“Get ready for some high-land discs and Off-Piste celebrity insights!”

This is what one of the the first guests, Heston Blumenthal, had to say:

“I was re-introduced to skiing some years ago by Amin. I have loved our times in the Alps together enjoying great snow, great food, great wine and a little après -ski!

“So I was delighted when Amin asked me to come and join him and Chemmy on their new ‘Off-Piste’ show to tap into memories triggered by a winning recipe of music, banter and laughs.

“I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed making it!”

If you like the sound of this, listen at https://momentumski.com/off-piste-podcast/ or for the full experience with the music tracks included as well, look Amin and Chemmy up and listen exclusively on Spotify by searching Momentum Ski Off Piste.

Off Piste Podcast. Image c/o Konrad Bartelski

Off Piste Podcast. Image c/o Konrad Bartelski

Other celebrities have taken part in the new podcast, including Damon Hill.

“In February 2020 I was skiing with Amin in Mürren doing the ‘Inferno’, then we drove round to Courmayeur for his City Ski Championships.

“Little did we know that this would be the last time we could go skiing that winter . We arrived home to the news that ‘A man’ had been tested positive for the Corona Virus in the UK.

“He’d been skiing just the other side of Mont Blanc from us.

“Amin’s life and business has been decimated by the lockdowns.

“But Amin is a survivor and very inventive.

“When he asked me to do the Podcast ‘Off Piste’ I had to say ‘yes’.

“Because if you can’t actually do it, talking about it is the next best thing.

“It’s a great idea and Amin has kept that flame flickering.

“Give it a listen and dream of skiing again.”

The BBC’s Frank Gardiner has also been interviewed for the podcast and discusses life as a sit-skier… and other things.

In the coming months Amin and Chemmy we will be speaking to Tom Kerridge, Molly King, Neil ‘Dr’ Fox, Marcus Brigstocke, Colin Jackson and many other skiing celebrity friends.

The pair will also be sharing some of the best insights, comments and favourite après-ski songs sent by  listeners including top tips on any favourite mountain restaurants, bars or ski areas and celebrate the love of skiing and what it is that they enjoy.

Main image c/o Konrad Bartelski.