UK Booster Does Not Register on NHS Covid App

Some countries, including Austria and Switzerland, require people to have had their second jab within a set time frame. The ommission of the booster will therefore affect some winter travel unless changes are made. NEW

Some countries are concerned about waning immunity, but the Covid Pass in the NHS App is currently only showing data from the first and second jabs, with booster shots not recorded.

People need to be fully vaccinated to enter Austria and The Austria National Tourist Office, ANTO, has pointed out to PlanetSKI that a “second vaccination must not be longer than 9-months ago”.

“We know some countries are altering their vaccine requirements, so we continue to keep international travel certification under review to ensure British citizens can travel abroad as easily as possible,” said The Department of Health and Social Care in a statement.

The NHS app is not set up to include boosters as “they are not required for domestic certification”.

The travel industry is now lobbying the government to make the necessary technical changes.

An alternative will be for travellers to provide evidence of a negative Covid test or a recent recovery from Covid-19.