The Tirol Answers Your FAQ as Austria Enters Lockdown

The Austria Province which is home to some of the major ski resorts in Austria has provided PlanetSKI with the answers to some of its Frequently Asked Questions to keep people informed.

We have reported on the lockdown and its impact on the ski areas and resorts:

Plus when the lockdown was announced:

Here are answers to some wider issues and detailed points, and we thank the Tirol for its clear and detailed information:

Does the lockdown now mean the end of the winter season?

– No, the lockdown announced does not mean the end of the winter season.

– The purpose of the lockdown is to reduce the incidence rate, to relieve the burden on hospitals and thus to enable a safe winter season – the safety and health of the people are our top priority.

– The lockdown ends on 12.12.2021, so a winter season is still possible, and we assume that this will take place with foreign guests.

– Tirol’s businesses have in any case prepared extensively for the coming winter season

Will the regulations in ski resorts be relaxed again after the lockdown, especially with regard to families?

– We have no influence on the regulations. These are issued by the Austrian federal government.

– There will still be regulations in the ski resorts after the lockdown, because as responsible hosts we want to enable our guests to have a safe winter holiday.

– Families with children under 12 years of age, where the adults are fully vaccinated or recovered, have no restrictions in Tirol and can go skiing without any problems.

– Families with children over the age of 12 can also go skiing without any worries if they are fully vaccinated or have recovered.

Are you expecting a lot of cancellations and what is the booking situation like at the moment?

– The immediate demand will certainly change due to the nationwide lockdown, whereby cancellations of holidays have already noticeably increased for about a week. However, it is not possible to make a serious assessment now.

– Overall, the booking situation was at a good level, although we are still experiencing a lot of last-minute bookings.

In any case, we have had a lot of feedback that (German) guests are looking forward to a winter holiday – especially because this was not possible last year due to the lockdown in Austria.

In addition, the vaccination rate among guests is particularly high. According to a survey by the province of Tirol, 90 percent of holidaymakers who visited our province in summer 2021 were fully vaccinated or recovered.

Tirol, Austria

Image c/o The Tirol

Was Tirol too poorly prepared for the winter season? What can Switzerland do better than Tirol?

– No, as responsible hosts, tourism regions and businesses have prepared themselves comprehensively for the coming winter season.

The basis for this is a comprehensive catalogue of measures, including the 2G rule or FFP2 mandatory masks. Many companies have even taken additional measures (Safe Service learning app, …).

– The Tirol Tourist Board provides up-to-date and complete guidelines for all relevant areas – from holiday planning to the stay and the journey home – on its online platform welcome.tirol

– The incidence of infection is not only dynamic in Austria, but also in other European countries such as Germany or Switzerland. We can only appeal that the population and our guests get vaccinated.

What happens to guests who are “surprised” by the lockdown during their stay?

As a nationwide lockdown applies from Monday 22 November, these guests will have to travel home.

Can already booked stays be rebooked free of charge?

– There is no general rule on cancellation periods. As far as we are aware, many Tirolean accommodation providers are maintaining the flexible cancellation options of the past one and a half years also for the coming winter.

Tirol, Austria

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Will the ski areas be opened for locals – without gastronomy/overnight stay – like last year?

– The lockdown ends at the end of 12 December. After that, from the current point of view, an opening under the current rules – especially 2G – should be possible.

What will happen with major events such as the Davis Cup?

Two major sporting events in Tirol are affected during the lockdown. On the one hand, the Davis Cup from 25 to 30 November in Innsbruck and the Biathlon World Cup from 9 to 12 December in Hochfilzen.

Both events will most likely take place but unfortunately without spectators. Here we still have to wait for the decree.

We deeply regret this, as both sporting events have aroused the greatest spectator interest.

However, safety is paramount.

Both major events will be held under the highest security conditions and can be followed on linear TV as well as online via livestream.

Tirol, Austria

Image c/o The Tirol

Here at PlanetSKI we will update as Tirol releases further information.

The area remains a firm favourite of PlanetSKI and many of our readers.

We were planning to be skiing there at the end of this month.

We have now delayed our visit and look forward to being back on its slopes as soon as possible.

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