Austria Eases Border Rules for Some People from UK

Austria removed the UK from its so-called ‘virus variant list’ on Monday. Triple jabbed skiers and snowboarders are now allowed to enter without the need for a test. It has been widely welcomed by the Austrian ski resorts and those eligible wanting to head to Austria. UPDATED

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It comes as cases of Covid-19 in the UK tumble and Omicron becomes the predominant virus variant in Austria.

It means that people who have had their booster will be allowed into Austria without having to produce a negative test result.

It has been widely welcomed by people who fall into that category and makes travelling to the ski slopes easier.

The resorts too have reacted.

Vaccinated or recovered persons will need to present a negative PCR test.

Under the past rules most skiers and snowboarders arriving from the UK need a booster dose and a negative PCR test.

Here are the bullet points from the Federal Government:

  • People who are fully vaccinated (double jabbed) AND have received the 3rd booster jab (or the second shot in case you were jabbed with Johnson & Johnson) can enter Austria with a negative PCR test (valid 48 hours).
  • Children under the age of 12 are exempt when travelling with adults, for teenagers aged 12 or older, the same rules as for those arriving from non-variant countries apply.
  • If you have recovered from Covid and received two jabs (no matter in what order), this counts as a booster as well. The proof of recovery is only valid for 180 days. In any case, you still need a negative PCR test (valid 48 hours).

Ski resorts in Austria remain open with Covid-19 restrictions in place.

PlanetSKI’s Graeme Wallace recently reported from the Austrian Alps on the reality of skiing under the regulations.

Graeme Wallace, Austria. Image c/o Graeme Wallace.

Graeme Wallace, Austria. Image © Graeme Wallace.

The resorts are in good shape with some seeing some recent fresh snow.

More than 28.1 million people in England  have now had their booster.

That’s more than 7 in 10 of eligible adults.

This includes around 90% of those aged 50 and over who are eligible.

Booster doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines offer improved protection against hospitalisations due to Covid variants, new studies have shown.

Data released by the US Centres for Disease Control found a third dose is more than 90% effective against both the Delta and Omicron variants.

The effectiveness of two doses was found to wane to 57% after six months.

Travellers arriving from the UK into Austria can find more information here.

See here for the latest Covid-19 rules in Austria.

Kaprun, Austria. Image c/o Graeme Wallace.

Kaprun, Austria. Image © Graeme Wallace.

Austria is seeing a sharp rise in cases and last week recorded almost 30,000 daily cases.

The Chancellor, Karl Nehammer, described them as “shockingly high”.

Hospital occupancy remains stable.

Austria is set to introduce compulsory vaccinations.

The parliament’s lower house voted in favour of new government proposals and the rest of the legal process is expected to be a formality..

The law is set to come into effect on 1st February and would make Austria the first European country to introduce a mandatory jab.

72% of Austrians have been fully vaccinated against the virus.

The bill must go through the upper house and the be signed into law by President Alexander Van der Bellen.

People who refuse a vaccine could be fined up to €3,600 (£2,994).

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