Austria to Ease Covid-19 Rules Further

The Austrian government has announced it will take more steps to ease restrictions gradually in February. Some relaxation has already taken place, making it easier for skiers and snowboarders to travel from the UK. UPDATED

One of the latest changes announced is a relaxation of the current curfew.

From 5th February, it will be moved from 10pm to midnight.

On 12th February, Austria will remove the so-called 2G rule for shops.

The 2G rule meant no-one could enter retail premises without proof of vaccination or recovery from the virus.

Customers will still have to wear FFP2 masks.

On 19th February, the 2G rule will also go for restaurants, cafes and tourist venues, and be replaced by the 3G rule.

This means access will be allowed for the fully vaccinated, recovered or those with a negative PCR or antigen test.

A PCR test will be valid for only 48 hours, rather than 72.

The Tirol, Austria

The Tirol, Austria. Image © PlanetSKI

There are also planned changes to the validity period for vaccination certificates (green passport).

Certificates for those who’ve had two jabs or one jab and recovered from Covid will last for only six months rather than nine.

However, vaccination certificates for travellers to Austria will continue to be valid for nine months, as will booster certificates (3 vaccinations or 2 vaccinations + recovery).

In early January, we experienced the Covid rules in Austria while enjoying some fresh powder.

And we’ve recently looked at some of the best options for late season skiing in the Tirol.

Seefeld, Tirol, Austria. Image c/o Elena Protopopow.

Seefeld, Tirol, Austria. Image c/o Elena Protopopow.

Ski resorts remain open in Austria though are reported to be quieter than usual – during the day and occasionally at night.

PlanetSKI reader, Holger Gassler, was in Obergugl at the weekend enjoying the recent snow fall.

Obergurgl, Austria. Image c/o Holger Gassler

Obergurgl, Austria. Image c/o Holger Gassler

Obergurgl, Austria. Image c/o Holger Gassler

Obergurgl, Austria. Image c/o Holger Gassler

Since 24th January it’s been much easier for fully vaccinated skiers and snowboarders from the UK to enter Austria.

Those who’ve had booster jabs no longer have to produce a negative PCR test result.

And from 4am on 11th February, those returning to the UK will not have to take a day 2 test after arriving in the country, bringing hassle-free travel a step closer.

Infection rates are still high in Austria where around 20% of the eligible population is not vaccinated.

On 30th January, the 7-day incidence rate was 2,504 infections per 100,000.

The highest incidence in Austria is in the Tirol with 3,038.

The country is planning to introduce mandatory vaccinations for the over-18s this spring, assuming the legislation is passed.

The deadline for residents to get their first vaccination is set for 15th March.

Exceptions to the mandatory vaccination requirement include: Under-18s, those recovered for 180 days from the date of a positive PCR, pregnant women and those who cannot be immunised for medical reasons.

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Image © PlanetSKI