PlanetSKI is Trackside for the Engadin Marathon

The iconic Engadin Skimarathon is the largest cross-country skiing event in Switzerland and the second largest in the world. It’s quite a spectacle and PlanetSKI is hooked.

After a 2-year break, thanks to you-know-what, the 52nd Engadin ski marathon took place today, Sunday 13th March, in near perfect sunny conditions with nearly 10,000 racers.

Since 1969, thousands of participants have run the marathon route from Maloja to S-chanf on the second Sunday in March.

The Engadin Half Marathon, the Engadin Women’s Race and the Engadin Night Race also took place this marathon week.

This year premiered the adjusted marathon race route between Pontresina and Samedan.

A new bridge crossing and two wide underpasses helped with fewer traffic jams, and lengthened the route to 43 km.

Swiss Dario Cologona was the favourite to win this year’s race, having won 4 times previously, and after declaring that this year’s race will be his last.

However, Roman Furger, from Central Switzerland took his fourth win, with Dario taking second place.

Tom Mancini from France was third.

Roman Furger said afterwards that “it was a beautiful, fair and peaceful race”.

Our race-side location was just behind the lake in St Moritz.

A stunning sporting setting.

Engadine Marathon. Image © PlanetSKI

Engadin Marathon. Image © PlanetSKI

Locals were cheering in many languages and the media helicopter buzzed over head, adding to the excitement.

Cross country skiing is known to be one of the most physically challenging winter sports for its endurance and all over body workout, evidenced today with the steam literally floating off some of the racers.

Watching the race, there were many falls with skiers getting skis and poles caught up, especially in congested areas where the race suddenly slowed down.

It was wonderful to see fellow racers stopping to help others up, and give them space.

Most of the falls were ‘in-slow-motion’ or half caught by other racers, so thankfully no one appeared to be injured and each one I saw got straight back up and raced on.

As the race winner commented, it was a very well mannered and good natured race.

Engadine Marathon. Image © PlanetSKI

Engadin Marathon. Image © PlanetSKI

So inspiring was it to watch, that I am seriously considering signing up to race next year.


Our editor, James Cove recently tried cross country skiing in Leutasch during his current tour in the Tirol in Austria.

With limited success it must be said.

Nordic skiing at Leutasch, Tirol. Image © PlanetSKI

Nordic skiing at Leutasch, Tirol. Image © PlanetSKI

But let’s get back to the professionals in Engadin, where the real action is.

St. Moritz-born athlete Nadja Kälin delivered an outstanding performance to win the women’s race, ahead of Céline Chopard and Enora Latuillière, both from France.

Nadja Kälin expressed delighted surprise at the finishing line, saying “I’m so happy, it was my first 42-kilometre-race ever”.

Nadja had come down with Covid-19 following the Olympic Games and was forced to reduce her training intensity.

She said “It was tough going both in the Stazerwald and in Bever sections, but I still succeeded in holding my position in the leading group throughout.”

Menduri Kasper, the race’s managing director, commented: “I am overjoyed about the outcome of the event.”

“The new starting format in waves worked very well and managed to ease tensions in the field.

“Having participants start in smaller groups sees them in direct competition within groups of comparable strength, reducing the hustle and bustle among the racers.

“The changes to the route between Pontresina and Samedan proved to be a good choice too”.

Results: The 52nd Engadin Skimarathon: Maloja – S-chanf, 43 km

Results Women’s Race, Overall

1.       Kälin Nadja   St. Moritz GR   1:46.31,1

2.       Chopard Lallier Céline   France   +1,8

3.       Latuillière Enora   France   +4,0

4.       Brocard Elisa   France   +8,3

5.       Boner Seraina   Davos Platz GR   +1.50,7

6.       Meinen Susi   Boltigen BE   +2.23,3

7.       Øyre Slind Silje   Norge   +3.33,8

8.       Löschke Jessica   Deutschland   +3.52,0

9.       Feldman Katie   USA   +3.52,7

10.   Zampa Maria Adele   Carona TI   +4.33,6

Results Men`s Race, Overall

1.       Furger Roman   Schattdorf UR   1:35.59,5

2.       Cologna Dario   Davos Dorf GR   +1,7

3.       Mancini Tom   France   +2,7

4.       Baumann Jonas   Davos Dorf GR   +4,0

5.       Gaillard Jean-Marc   France   +6,1

6.       Agnellet Gerard   France   +11,6

7.       Capelli Marino   Davos Platz GR   +18,4

8.       Räz Curdin   Sils/Segl Maria GR   +26,9

9.       Pfäffli Gian Flurin   Pontresina GR   +1.30,7

10.   Perruche Simon   France   +1.31,0

Engadin Halfmarathon: Maloja – Pontresina, 21 km

Results Women’s Race, Overall

1.       Klimpel Janna   Deutschland   56.54,2

2.       Rüegg Celia   Hinwil ZH   +4.29,1

3.       Rey Sophie Icogne   VS   +5.29,8

4.       Strecker Teresa   Deutschland   +6.36,7

5.       Arquint Tania Ardez   GR   +8.20,4

6.       Barometer Daniela Luzern   LU   +15.54,4

7.       Heggli Ruth Root   LU   +17.02,2

8.       Leonardi Nora Zürich   ZH   +17.56,6

9.       Schellenberg Simona Pontresina   GR   +17.58,2

10.   Zala Renata Chur   GR   +18.09,5

Results Men`s Race, Overall

1.       Laurent Bastien   France   51.00,0

2.       Becker Manuel   Deutschland   +28,3

3.       Selter Benjamin   Deutschland   +1.21,7

4.       Krüger Reto Maloja   GR   +2.54,9

5.       Zisler Constantin Illnau   ZH   +6.03,4

6.       Vetsch Robin Ebnat Kappel   SG   +8.11,8

7.       Neumeier Frank   Deutschland   +9.50,6

8.       Fröhlich Mario Chur   GR   +10.06,2

9.       Fankhauser Nils Finsterwald   LU   +10.24,1

10.   Maes Gabriel Vättis   SG   +10.24,3

Yours truly at the Engadine Marathon. Image © PlanetSKI

Yours truly at the Engadin Marathon. Image © PlanetSKI

As I said I’m seriously thinking of entering next year.

The dates are already in my diary.

It must be true that I’m committed – it’s on social media 😉

The Engadin Marathon Week 2023:

22nd Engadin Women’s Race: Samedan – S-chanf, 17 km; Sunday, 5 March 2023
37th Youth Sprint: Samedan; Wednesday, 8 March 2023
5th Engadin Night Race: Sils – Pontresina, 17km; Thursday, 9 March 2023
1st St. Moritz Super Sprint: St. Moritz Kurpark; Friday, 10 March 2023
53rd Engadin Skimarathon: Maloja – S-chanf, 43 km; Sunday, 12 March 2023
14th Engadin Half Marathon: Maloja – Pontresina, 21 km; Sunday, 12 March 2023