Maison Sport Adds Disability Offerings

Maison Sport, the independent ski and snowboard instructor provider, has expanded its service to offer the full range of disability disciplines for skiers & snowboarders of all needs.

“Everyone at Maison Sport is determined to ensure all skiers can access opportunities to enjoy the thrill of the mountains, and this includes all disability skiers,” said the Maison Sport co-founder, Nick Robinson.

We want to make ski lessons as inclusive and accessible as possible and so the addition of disability disciplines to our offering is a very important moment for us.”

 Image © Maison Sport

Image © Maison Sport

One specialist disability skiing instructor is Lizzy Benwell.

She’s an English and Dutch speaker with seven years of experience on the mountains and more than 16 in outdoor sports.

“I believe that everyone should be able to experience skiing all over the mountain,” said Lizzy Benwell.

“I specialise in adaptive skiing so, no matter what someone’s disability is, they can always enjoy that opportunity to explore the mountains.

“I have access to specialised equipment, such as sit skis and outriggers to make this dream possible and look forward to helping disability skiers enjoy the magic of the mountains in 2022.”

“We’re very proud to be able to offer opportunities across disability disciplines at Maison Sport from today and it is an area we will continue to invest in and grow in the future.”

Maison Sport hopes  to have over 100 instructors offering a variety of these services by the end of 2022.

 Image © Maison Sport

Image © Maison Sport