Warren Miller Film Premieres in the UK

‘Daymaker’ is the 73rd annual Warren Miller film and has opened with three premieres in Glasgow, London and Birmingham. PlanetSKI has been in the audience.

There have been three premieres:

·      GLASGOW – Monday 21 November

·      LONDON – Tuesday 22 November

·      BIRMINGHAM – Wednesday 23 November

There are screenings for additional dates in London and other city venues including Bath, Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester and York.

In the audience at the London Premier on Tuesday night was PlanetSKI editor, James Cove, and some of the team from PlanetSKI.

Image © PlanetSKI

Image © PlanetSKI

“I’ve lost count of the number of Warren Miller films I have been to over the years in the autumn,” said James.

“It’s a chance to sit back, relax and dream of the approaching winter.

“There is always a great atmosphere and I always bump into a few old friends at the bar during the interval as we get excited about the season ahead.

Image © PlanetSKI

Image © PlanetSKI

“There are giveaways and I am pleased to say that one the PlanetSKI team, Marie Taylor, won a Helly Hansen hoodie.”

Also on offer was a heli-ski trip, an Ikon pass and plenty more.

We are pleased to say we didn’t need the Ikon pass as we have just secured two for the winter ahead.

Ikon Pass holders have access to more than 50 global mountain destinations in 11 countries across the Americas, Europe, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

Image © PlanetSKI

Image © PlanetSKI

Each year the films grow and evolve.

There was a sequence with people who had lost a leg and skied on one ski with outriders.

There was a feature of the National Brotherhood of Skiers.

Over 50 years ago two black American skiers , Ben Finley & Art Clay, were introduced by a mutual friend.

It led to the ‘National Brotherhood of Skiers’.

We have written about them on PlanetSKI:

Art Clay & Ben Finley, US Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame – photo c/o National Brotherhood of Skiers

“There are the usual scenes in Alaska with big mountain skiing and deep power, but the films always have some surprising and inspiring locations,” continued James.

“This time round it was Greece and it has inspired me to put it on my list of places to ski.

“A road trip with my touring skis round some ski resorts in Greece with some like-minded skiers sounds like a new adventure to me.”

Image © PlanetSKI

Image © PlanetSKI

If you want to see the Warrne Miller trailer, then check out the video below.

Better still go to a screening yourself:

There are limited tickets still available.

In 1988 he sold the company with his name and later was involved in a long-running and bitter court case as he became involved with making ski films again.

Warren Miller was inducted into the U.S. Ski Hall of Fame in 1978 and the Colorado Ski Hall of Fame in 1995.

He was awarded Lifetime Achievement Awards from the International Skiing History Association in 2004 and from the California Ski Industry Association in 2008.

Warren Miller died in 2018, aged 83, and we paid tribute on PlanetSKI at the time at the time:

Warren Miller Entertainment has been a pioneer in action sports cinematography since 1949.

Warren’s legacy lives on and continues to be the leader in snow and adventure sports film production.

“Daymaker promises to take you on a journey to peaks so high, that they’ll replace the mountains in your mind with ones that free your mind,” said a statement from the producers.

From British Columbia’s Monashee mountains to the throne of Greece’s Olympus mountains, Alaska and beyond.

Join Karl Fostvedt, Michelle Parker, Katie Burrell, Hana Beaman, Jonny Moseley and many other world-class athletes demonstrating incredible stunts and scenery that will help you kick-start your winter.


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