And after 10 years of daily updates on all things snowsports PlanetSKI finally gets an upgrade.

"And about time too," we hear you say.

We are giving the site a bit of a facelift with new features, some content migration, a bunch of things our web designers tell us to do that we don't quite understand and much else besides.

Nothing radical as we reckon what we do works, but a few tweaks are coming your way.

The main web site is down for a bit as the changes are implemented so please bear with us as the work is carried out.

We are still getting 2,500 people a day looking at the site, but June is our quietest month so probably the best time to do it. Sorry!

All is not lost though snow-fiends and mountain lovers, as we are still be posting away on our social media channels, so do check ‘em out for all the latest:




The updates are being carefully co-ordinated from the PlanetSKI summer office by our editor and founder, James Cove:

Can we really expect results anytime soon?

Lets hope so ;-)