Japan Drops Entry Restrictions in Time for Ski Season

Skiers & snowboarders will be able to visit the country without a visa, and will no longer need to go through a travel agency, from 11th October. The cap on daily arrivals is also to be lifted. 

The move will be welcomed by skiers and snowboarders wanting to head to Japan and it is expected resorts and tour operators will now see a rise in enquiries and bookings.

Visitors will need to show their triple vaccination or submit a negative Covid test result to enter.

The current cap on international visitors to Japan is 50,000.

“We have been overwhelmed with bookings for Japan since the government announced its border restrictions easing earlier in September, and have even started receiving enquiries for 2023/24,” said Nickie Mabey from Mabey Ski, that specialises in ski trips to Japan.

“Now with visa-free, independent tourism allowed from 11 October, we are expecting a very busy couple of months ahead.

“Accommodation and guiding availability is already low, especially during peak dates, so for any travellers still looking to book a ski trip for the upcoming season, time is of the essence.”

Image © Mabey Family

Nickie Mabey. Image © Mabey Family

The Japanese yen has slid to its slowest point against the US dollar in six months.

“Japan will relax border control measures to be on par with the US,” said Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

He announced the changes at UN General Assembly in New York.

“We will remove the cap on the number of people entering the country, and will resume accepting individual travel and visa-free travel,” Kishida added.

The country has allowed visitors since June, but they had to be part of tours.

We reported on the situation earlier on PlanetSKI:

The latest move rounds of the border entry story that we have been following on PlanetSKI in recent months.

Summer in Japan ski resort

Summer in Japan ski resort. Image © PlanetSKI

The death rate from Covid is the lowest among the world’s wealthiest nations.

The country’s vaccination rate is among the highest.

Japan also never ordered lockdowns or mask wearing, but many people adopted protections.

Image c/o PlanetSKI