Tirol Answers Your Covid-19 Questions

 Austria’s main ski area has answered the 10 most asked questions about what next winter my look like.


Ten key questions about winter holidays in Tirol:

1. How easy is it to travel to Austria?

Travelling to Austria is possible without any restrictions from Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, the Czech Republic and many other European countries. Travellers coming to Austria from these countries do not need to provide a negative PCR test and do not have to complete any forms before or during arrival.

2. Is it possible to ski in Austria this winter?

Yes. All ski resorts will be open for the winter season 2020/21. You can find a list of all the ski resorts and their opening dates here.

3. Do I have to book my lift pass in advance?

No. You do not have to book your lift pass in advance. Some ski resorts are offering the option to purchase your lift pass online before you get to the resort in order to minimise crowding at the ticket desks. Visit the ski resort’s website to find out more about the buying your lift pass online.

4. How will the ski lifts and cable cars operate in the resorts?

The following rules have been agreed on in order to maintain social distancing on the ski lifts and cable cars wherever possible:

Cable cars are subject to the same rules as public transport. This means passengers and staff must wear face masks covering the nose and mouth.
Face masks must be worn in all enclosed ski lifts (gondolas, etc.) as well as at the ticket desks and when queuing for the lifts.
Social distancing of at least one metre must be maintained at all times. If necessary, the number of people allowed onto each lift will be limited in order to ensure space.

5. Are the restaurants in the ski resorts open?

Yes. The restaurants in the ski resorts are open subject to certain legal requirements. These include mandatory wearing of face masks (guests and staff) in enclosed areas. Groups must include no more than ten people (not including children). Measures are in place to ensure there is plenty of space between groups. Food and drink may only be consumed while seated.

6. Will après-ski bars be open this winter?

Yes. The après-ski bars will be open this winter. Guests must wear a face mask when entering and leaving the building. Drinks may only be consumed at tables. Drinks may not be consumed at the bar.

7. Are the hotels open?

Yes. Hotels and other accommodation providers will be open this winter. Please get in touch with the owners for more details. Accommodation providers in the region have put in place comprehensive measures to meet the legal safety requirements and offer guests a safe and enjoyable stay.

8. Are ski schools and children’s ski schools open?

Yes. All ski schools are open. Guidelines have been developed by the local ski schools aimed at providing a safe and enjoyable skiing experience for all guests. Groups must be no larger than ten people, including the instructor. Ski and snowboard instructors coming to Austria from other countries must provide the ski school with a negative PCR test.

9. Are the equipment rental shops open?

Yes. Ski and snowboard equipment can be hired just like in previous winters. All the rental shops in the region maintain strict social distancing and have increased their disinfection regimes for hire equipment.

10. Is public transport in Tirol operating as normal?

Yes. All public transport in Tirol is operating a normal timetable. A face mask covering the nose and mouth must be worn on public transport. It is also possible for guests to travel to Tirol by train, coach or plane from neighbouring countries.

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