Details of New UK Snow Show Unveiled

It takes place in a year’s time at the NEC in Birmingham and promises to be quite an experience. Will it be able to succeed where others have failed?


The National Snow Show is aiming to attract 10,000 visitors over two days, October 23rd- 24th 2021.

There will be all the latest gear and kit.

On the retail side of things there are expected to be around 140 brands on offer.

2,000 free tickets are being released to celebrate the launch – we should have a few free ones to give away tomorrow here on PlanetSKI, so do check back.

Resorts, destinations and tour operators will be on site to help plan, offer advice and book a snowsports holiday.

It is not just aimed at people already involved in the snow scene.

The organisers claim the show offers an opportunity for those interested to get a taste for snowsports through a series of workshops, skills sessions and dry slope sessions.

There’s a mini league for university students to pitch their skills against each other to be in with a chance to win £500 to spend at the show.

Here on PlanetSKI we reported on plans for the show back in July and things seem to be coming along, New Ski & Snowboard Show for the UK.

“The National Snow Show will be the must-attend event for snowsports enthusiasts in 2021,” said the show organiser and passionate snowboarder, Stephen Morgan.

See here for further details of  The National Snow Show.

The event is being run by Raccoon Events.

It is a UK events business run by a group of exhibition and digital marketing experts.

The team at Raccoon Events is small but has some experience – collectively over 80 years of organising exhibitions and conferences all over the world.

Other events within its portfolio include the National Running Show and the National Outdoor Expo.

“It will be jam packed with interactive features, the best brands, the biggest names and most importantly, providing an opportunity for the UK snowsport scene to come together in a safe way and prepare for the snow season ahead,” added Stephen.

“The Show is not only a chance for seasoned skiers and snowboarders to plan for the upcoming season but will also provide an easy entry point for those curious about snowsports to learn the basics, chat to the experts and hear from incredibly motivating and inspiring speakers before hopefully deciding this is the sport for them.”

Stephen Morgan

Stephen Morgan

The show is the only national snowsports show after the Telegraph pulled the plug on the long-running show in London.

We reported on it back in March ahead of any official announcement:

Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Festival is Axed

The National Snow Show will host Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Graham Bell, Katie Ormerod, Billy Morgan, Benjamin Alexander, Scott Penman, Jamie Barrow, Jamie Nicholls, Ed Drake and Winona Barnieh who will lead a schedule of inspirational and educational talks.

The Snow Show

The Snow Show

So, what else is there?

There will be interactive features including Rail Jam dry slope, Rider’s Lounge, Shred Stage, Skate Mini Ramp, Alpine Après Bar with live music and a Good Vibes Après Party.

The big question is whether it will be a success – others have failed in recent times.

Some believe ski shows are simply past their sell-by-date, while others think that they have just been badly run with uninspiring offerings.

PlanetSKI Ponders: James Cove, Editor

James Cove

James Cove

A new Ski and Snowboard Show, but this time it is a ‘Snow Show’.

I have met vastly different reactions when I mention it to people.

“Fabulous. It is such a shame there is no show to bring us all together, start the winter and get us all in the mood for the season ahead. Really, really looking forward to it,” is the view of one camp.

“What! Don’t people know when an idea is past its sell by date? The concept is old-fashioned, dull and it was a relief when the London Ski Show, or whatever it was called, was finally put out of its misery,” is the other view.

It remains to see which view wins out in Birmingham.

Back in the day there were ski shows a plenty in the UK – Glasgow, London, Manchester, Southampton, Brighton and a host of smaller ones.

And, of course, Birmingham itself.

Perhaps we should look at others who have tried to launch ski shows in recent years.

The last attempted ski show at Birmingham was due to be put on by Dominic Killinger from the free handout magazine, In the Snow.

It never saw the light of day as the industry did not support it by taking out stands.

Killinger then tried a smaller offfering at the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead for this year, but Covid-19 intervened.

He then headed online with a 4-day offering modestly titled “The World’s Largest Ski Show” with all sorts of extravagant and exaggerated claims.

It was quickly reduced to two days, pushed back from October to November and then sank without trace.

Was it the basic concept or the inability of the organisers to get things right?

The new Birmingham show though is not an online event or a small scale affair, but the real deal.

A comparison with the latest attempts to put on a ski/snowboard show is perhaps therefore not so relevant.

The odds appear to be looking good for the new show in Birmingham as it comes from an established company, Raccoon Events.

It has a track record putting on sport and outdoor shows.

However, it doesn’t appear to be offering anything very much different – retail, talks, food and drink and a snowsports atmosphere.

But that may actually be its strength.

Going back to basics.

The Telegraph Ski Festival in London tried to get in a new crowd and instead of pleasing old and new, it satisfied neither and fell between two stools.

It was axed.

It was also at a poor location for many, in the heart of Battersea Park, away from transport links.

The NEC is a good location.

Out of London, but within easy reach of the capital and other areas to its south.

It has good transport connections to the whole of the UK, plentiful accommodation for those wanting to make a weekend of it and it can draw on the past loyalty the old Birmingham Ski Show had.

It is just for 2-days, so it will be a concentrated affair rather than a drawn-out offering.

Will it succeed?

We’ll have to see, but it certainly has a good chance given the positive noises I have heard.

From the UK snowsport industry who will need to get behind it to make it work, and the all-important skiers and snowboarders – the ones who will ultimately decide if is works or not, by voting with their feet and turning up.

To enjoy all things snow.

PlanetSKI wishes it the best and we’re looking forward to it.

Roll on October 2021.

We’ll be there.