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Going out in style

There are some fabulous conditions still at the high resorts in the Alps. PlanetSKI is currently high up in the French Alps.

Going out in style

There are some fabulous conditions still at the high resorts in the Alps. PlanetSKI is currently high up in the French Alps.

Lack of snow means serious California water shortages

The governor of California has ordered water restrictions after a fourth winter of poor snow. Heavy snow is now falling but is too little, too late.

Lack of snow means serious California water shortages

The governor of California has ordered water restrictions after a fourth winter of poor snow. Heavy snow is now falling but is too little, too late.

Happy Easter!

There has been heavy snow across parts of the Alps, the sun is out and the wind has dropped; all just in time for Easter. PlanketSKI reports from the Alps in our weekly snow report.

Happy Easter!

There has been heavy snow across parts of the Alps, the sun is out and the wind has dropped; all just in time for Easter. PlanketSKI reports from the Alps in our weekly snow report.

Further snow in the Alps

As strong winds pound the Alps more snow is now falling. It is all looking very good for the approaching Easter break. PlanetSKI reports direct from the Alps.

Further snow in the Alps

As strong winds pound the Alps more snow is now falling. It is all looking very good for the approaching Easter break. PlanetSKI reports direct from the Alps.

Winter is back

Many areas in the Alps had some fresh snow last weekend and more is set to fall towards the end of the week. There is some snow falling at the moment. PlanetSKI reports from the Alps.

Light snow in the Alps with more forecast

With Easter approaching there are some good conditions at altitude in the Alps. There has been more snow further north in Norway and some in the Pyrenees.

Another US resort shuts as lack of snow

Sierra-at-Tahoe in California is temporarily closing after a poor winter. Last week Mt Baker, often the snowiest resort in the world, stopped its lifts.

Heavy snow in SW Alps

Over 1 metre of snow has fallen in parts of Italy. Elsewhere Spring conditions remain in many resorts in the Alps.

The PlanetSKI snow report is out

It has been a mixed week with blue sky in many places, heavy snow elsewhere and some resorts in North America are desperate for snow. In the main though it looks good as Easter approaches. More snow is forecast in the next few days.

Italian village breaks 24 hour snow record

Capracotta in the Apennine mountains in central Italy received a staggering 2.56m of snow in a single fall. It is being claimed as a world record.

Mt Baker shuts as too little snow

The US resort can be one of the snowiest resorts in the world with an average fall of 19m; not this year. This winter the temperature has remained stubbornly high.

Sunshine across the Alps

It is wall to wall sunshine with some excellent conditions on piste & high up. Low down it is slushy and the snow is melting. PlanetSKI reports from the Swiss Alps with some fabulous pictures from on the slopes and high above them.

Snow finally falls across North America

It has generally been a poor winter the other side of the Atlantic but at last snow is falling in California, Utah and Colorado. Plus there is snow further north in Canada. PlanetSKI reports.

Winter is back on track

February was a great month for snow across Europe with heavy falls continuing in The Alps and The Pyrenees. In North America it has been less good where it has not been a bumper winter. See the latest PlanetSKI snow report as we assess the winter so far.

More snow is falling

After a lull following the weekend falls the snow is coming down again in the Alps and the Pyrenees. Winter is well and truly back on track and it is shaping up to be a good second half of the season

More snow is falling

The half-term week has proved to be one of the best weeks of the season with good pistes and blue sky. Now snow is falling again. See all the details in the PlanetSKI weekly snow report that comes direct from the Alps.

Extreme care needed off piste

The authorities are advising extreme caution as heavy snow falls on an unstable base. More is set to fall this week and the danger level is rising. We have 10 Expert Tips for keeping safe off piste.

Brit racing round up

The slalom skier, Dave Ryding missed a gate at the Alpine World Championships. The up and coming racers, Charlie Guest and Alex Tilly did well on their debuts.

Looks good for half term

The busiest week of the season in the Alps looks like having some of the best conditions. The snow has given way to sunshine and more snow is forecast in places. Check it all out in our weekly PlanetSKI snow report.

The PlanetSKI snow report is out!

There have been further huge snowfalls in Alps and the Pyrenees though it is not looking so good in parts of North America. There are now the best conditions of the winter in Europe which bodes well for half-term and beyond.

Powder in The Pyrenees

Many eyes might be focused on the Alps at the moment with up to 2m of fresh snow. However there are bigger amounts in the Pyrenees and the snow is still falling. PlanetSKI reports.

Biggest storm of winter batters the Alps

The storm is continuing in places leaving excellent skiing conditions. It is still snowing in some resorts as the snow returns. It has even made it over to the Dolomites. PlanetSKI reports from the Alps.

Heavy snow is falling

A huge snowstorm, the biggest of the winter, is continuing to hit large parts of the Alps. It is bringing up to 1m of fresh powder but also severe disruption and avalanche danger. PlanetSKI reports from the Alps.

Snowstorms in the UK

This week saw travel chaos on roads and airports in northern England and Scotland, but the Scottish ski areas are delighted with more powder snow.

Major snow begins to fall

A huge storm will hit many areas of the Alps over the next 48 hours. It could be the biggest snowfall of the winter with over 1m forecast in some places. Expectations are rising and for those of us out in the Alps it is looking rather good.

Heavy snow is on its way

The Alps looks set to get some huge snowfalls later this week. The PlanetSKI weekly snow report comes direct from the Alps as expectations rise.

Some snow in the UK too

Whilst the Alps and the Pyrenees have been in the midst of a most welcome snowstorm and are being covered in a fresh blanket of snow, lets not take our eyes off the ski areas in the UK. #WinterIsHere too.

Snow is falling

It is all a question of how much and where it will fall, but the southern Alps looks like benefitting the most. It will be very, very welcome. PlanetSKI reports.

Heavy snow hits Scottish ski areas

Thick snow is currently falling as the storm batters Scotland. Up to 50cm is forecast and there are strong winds. Most areas are shut but it should be rather good when it opens up.

It is snowing in the Alps!

The latest storm has passed leaving up to 1m in places and with cold temperatures and blue sky forecast for the next few days now could be one of the best times of the winter. Check out the latest in our updated PlanetSKI snow report with new pictures from across the Alps.

Some snow but much more is needed

Large parts of the Alps are still in need of fresh snow but it has been reasonable in the east in parts of the Austria. There have been big falls in North America. Check out the latest PlanetSKI snow report

Can we have more snow please?

The heavy falls of last week are all but a distant memory in some resorts. More is needed and hopefully some is on its way. PlanetSKI reports from the Alps where in Verbier our prayers were answered on Sunday.

Avalanche death as caution is urged

The accident hapened in a French resort where there has been little fresh snow. Elsewhere in the Alps there has been a bit of a feeding frenzy among off piste skiers and the authorities are urging caution.

Let the season begin

The snowstorm last weekend left up to 75cm in places. After the problems so far this season it is fair to say the winter is heading back on track. There has also been significant snowfall in the north-east Alps this week. PlanetSKI reports direct from the Alps

Huge snowstorm batters the Alps

It had been widely forecast but the severity caught many by surprise. 70cm fell in 24 hours and has been welcomed after the December snow drought. However it has caused severe travel problems, but once all the lifts open heaven awaits! PlanetSKI reports.

Batten down the hatches

There was some snow in the Alps on Xmas Day and Boxing Day but the real action comes at the weekend. Heavy snow will fall across many parts of the Alps. The big dump we have all been waiting for is here! PlanetSKI reports.

The landscape is transformed

The snow across the Alps has changed many resorts in the Alps that have been desperate for some of the white stuff. See our images of before…. and after.

Let it snow!

The long-awaited snowstorm has arrived in the Alps. It is set to leave more than 50cm in some resorts as it moves across the Alps. Early indications are that it may leave more. It seems winter has finally arrived but it is bringing travel chaos at the moment.

Snow is on its way

Some snow is forecast over the next few days but it is still not certain how much will fall. Some reports say up to half a metre by Sunday but the weather models keep changing. PlanetSKI reports.

Happy Xmas – it is going to snow!

It is now certain that there will be significant snow this weekend in many parts of the Alps. It is the Xmas present we have all been waiting for.

Snow forecast for the Alps

It looks like there could be some falls at the end of the week. It is too early to be certain and we do not want to raise hopes but maybe, just maybe the drought is coming to an end.

Its snowing in the Alps

Some snow has started to fall after a prolonged drought in many places. It is not the huge fall needed but it is a welcome start. Sadly the temperature is about to rise.

Mixed picture remains

Some people look set for a White Xmas in the Alps while others have little snow. Resorts and tour operators are making contingency plans for those in low resorts. PlanetSKI reports.

Skiing in Norway

Sometimes it is judgement, often it is luck and occasionally a combination of the two. This week PlanetSKI has been in Norway, the location of some of the best current snow in Europe.

Herculean efforts to get racing underway

The poor levels of snow in some parts of the Alps have played havoc with the early season racing calendar. Some though are now going ahead.

PlanetSKI snow report is out

It is a mixed picture across the Alps with a lack of snow and some resorts are unable to open. However there is great snow in Scandinavia, it is good in North America and reasonable in the Pyrenees. Check out where the snow is and where it is not.

Mixed weather in the Alps

It is still edging towards winter though the big falls needed in the Alps are a long way off and people are becoming increasingly worried. In Scandinavia and the Pyrenees winter has arrived. PlanetSKI reports.

The PlanetSKI video snow report is out

Our latest report comes from Laax in Switzerland where the temperatures have dropped and so has some snow. We seem to be in the right place at the right time with generally poor conditions in the Alps.

Is Winter finally underway?

The temperature has dropped in the Alps and a few resorts have received up to 20cm of snow. Sighs of relief are breathed in those where the snow has fallen. PlanetSKI reports from the Alps.

Resorts open but more snow is needed

There has been some snow and the temperature has dropped allowing the snow cannons to work. It is not a good start to the season, the forecast remains poor but there is skiing to be had. PlanetSKI reports from the Alps.

Winter edges closer

The temperatures have dropped and some welcome snow has fallen in the Alps. Concern though is mounting. There have been decent falls in the Pyrenees and North America remains good. PlanetSKI reports from the Alps.

Snow needed in Europe

Some resorts have had to delay their openings but the temperature is falling and some snow is forecast. In North America it is tumbling out of the sky & the Pyrenees is improving. The latest PlanetSKI snow report comes direct from the Alps.

Is it time to press the panic button?

Some resorts have cancelled their planned openings this weekend due to poor snow cover. The Alps has a developing snow shortage but it is early days & weather changes quickly.

Huge snowfall blankets the slopes

50cm has fallen in the past 24 hours. So where has it happened; The Alps, North America or perhaps the Pyrenees? No. Bookings to the area for next winter are already more than double last year. PlanetSKI reports.

Good snow in Rockies but poor in Alps

Hundreds of resorts are opening in North America and more are trying to open in Europe this weekend. Currently the snow is far better across the Atlantic with mild temperatures in Europe. Check out the latest full PlanetSKI snow report.

Huge snowstorms batter the US

It is the storm of a lifetime as all US states are battered. Its below freezing in parts of every state and in the east 1.5m of snow has fallen in a single day.

Snow report


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