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Preparing for the season Down Under

Resorts open in New Zealand and Australia this weekend. One country is wallowing in the white stuff while the other is crossing its fingers and doing snow dances. NEW

Further snow falls in New Zealand

Another storm dumps snow as the season approaches Down Under and there’s been some snow in Whistler on its final day of the season. It’s always snowing somewhere! UPDATED

First snow falls in NZ

With the ski season due to start next month some welcome snow has fallen as the resorts gear up for winter.

It’s been snowing in the Alps

We might be deep into Spring with June approaching but the weather doesn’t seem to think so – there is snow across many ski resorts with 50cm falling in places. UPDATED

Snowmaking starts in NZ

With the ski season around the corner, temperatures have dropped and the canons have been fired up.

First snow falls Down Under

Ski resorts in Australia have seen the first flakes of the winter. Great to see, but it won’t last. Meanwhile grizzly bears are out in Canada!

Last weekend of the season

A final batch of main ski resorts closed last weekend. However it is still possible to ski to the end of May. And beyond. UPDATED

Skiing into May

There have been the best Spring conditions in years as further snow falls but there are now just a handful of ski resorts open. Check out our latest report on conditions in the Alps and beyond. UPDATED

Winter goes out in style

More resorts shut at the weekend as snow falls in the Alps. It has been one of the best ends to the ski season in recent years with yet more snow forecast this week. UPDATED

Winter returns to the Alps

Our weekly snow report is out and there is more fresh snow to come. It follows a stunning last few weeks at altitude in the Alps. Many resorts close this weekend but there is still skiing to be had UPDATED

Weekly snow report out!

There are still some good conditions at altitude in the Alps and there has even been a bit of fresh snow. However many resorts are closing as the season draws to an end.

Resorts shut but skiing still to be had

A wave of resorts said goodbye to the season of 2015/16 last weekend. But there is still skiing: check out where. Caution though is urged off piste as a Dutchman dies in a crevasse fall in Zermatt. UPDATED

Snow in the Alps!

The Alps have seen warm temperatures & melting snow recently but suddenly there is up to 30cm of fresh snow. It has been snowing from Zermatt to Tignes. Check it out in our full report. UPDATED

Worsening snow in the Alps

Warm temperatures & high wings have badly affected the snow conditions. There are still several weeks to go for some resorts, but snow may be on the way. Spring has sprung in North America too. UPDATED

Snow in North America

Some resorts in the west are extending their season after huge amounts of snow while some in the east have been closing early. PlanetSKI reports from North America on the season of 2015/16.

Spring conditions on the slopes

The temperatures have warmed up in the Alps as the season enters its final phase. The warm weather is hitting the slopes hard and high winds are making it difficult at altitude. UPDATED

Mixed weather in the Alps

There has been some light snow and cloud with sun in places. It will remain changeable and is set to get milder later this week. UPDATED

Great conditions for Easter

As the Easter break gets underway the temperatures have dropped and some snow has fallen in places. It follows some of the best conditions of the winter. NEW

Spring in the Alps

It has been very warm and many resorts have excellent snow coverage on their slopes at altitude. With Easter approaching it all looks rather good. PlanetSKI reports from St Anton. UPDATED

Good conditions continue in the Alps

With a week to Easter the snow is looking rather good. There has been a bit of fresh snow in places and the temperatures have remained cold. Check it all out as we report from the Alps. UPDATED

Mixed weather across the mountains

There is snow, sun, cloud and things may change for everyone over the next few days with unsettled weather. Caution is urged after a British man is involved in a fatal collision. PlanetSKI reports from the Alps. UPDATED

Some Like it Hot

After the heaviest snow of the winter the temperature has risen and the sun is out. Spring skiing has arrived. PlanetSKI reports from Les Portes du Soleil.

Fabulous conditions in the Alps

The great conditions continue as the sun comes out after heavy snow in many places. Check out the latest in our weekly snow report. UPDATED

What a time to be in the Alps!

Heavy snow has fallen and now the sun is out in many resorts. PlanetSKI is lucky enough to be on a 2-week and 10- resort trip. In THE best conditions of the winter.

More snow falls in the Alps

Heavy snow continues to fall as the best conditions of the winter get even better. PlanetSKI reports direct from the Alps. UPDATED

Are these the best conditions of the winter?

Yes! There has been heavy snow across the Alps and more is set to come over the next few days. After a poor start the season of 2015/16 is now looking very good.

Heavy snow hits the Alps

A huge storm has left over 1m in places in the southern Alps. Now another storm is set to hit the north as winter gets better and better. UPDATED

Heavy snow in parts of the Alps

Up to 1m has fallen in the southern Alps and in places it has been the area’s biggest storm of the season so far. More snow is forecast elsewhere in the Alps. UPDATE

Snow is set to return to the Alps

There is mixed weather and some heavy snow forecast for the southern Alps. Check out all the latest conditions in our weekly snow report. UPDATED

Snow returns to the Alps

The warm temperatures have gone and there is a chill back in the air. 30cm has fallen in some of the main French resorts and more is forecast. UPDATED

Some good snow for the half term week

There has been snow and sun across the busiest week of the season. Check out the latest in the PlanetSKI weekly snow report. UPDATED

Good snow conditions for half-term

It is a good week for the busiest time of the ski season. Skiers, snowboarders, resorts and tour operators are breathing a huge sigh of relief after a difficult season so far. UPDATED

Web cams in the Alps

We have been looking at the web cameras – perhaps one of the best ways to see what snow conditions are really like.

More snow falls in the Alps

With half-term week approaching conditions are looking pretty good across the Alps. And now the sun is out too! NEW

Fabulous conditions in the Alps

After heavy snowfall this week there is sun across many parts of the Alps as the half-term week gets underway. Things remain good in North America but there’s been no fresh snow. UPDATED

Winter is back

And with a vengeance. Earlier this week it was heavy rain across large parts of the Alps then heavy snow and now sun is out. Check out our weekly snow report. UPDATED

The snow is back

The temperature has dropped and snow is falling after all the rain earlier this week. More is forecast for next week too. There are also avalanche warnings. NEW

Heavy rain & warm temperatures take their toll

The snow in the Alps has been very badly affected by rain with icy pistes. A British woman has died in La Plagne after hitting a tree. PlanetSKI reports from the Swiss Alps. UPDATED

Winter returns to the Alps

Some resorts have seen heavy snow at altitude, but also rain. Two people died in avalanches at the weekend in the Alps & caution is urged off piste. The long-term forecast predicts more snow next week ahead of half-term. UPDATED

Snow set to fall this weekend

The temperature has shot up in the Alps but snow is set to fall over the weekend in some parts. Check out all the details in the weekly PlanetSKI snow report and see what may lie ahead. UPDATED

The storm passes & skiing starts!

Storm Jonas has brought cities in the east coast USA to a standstill and some ski resorts are blanketed in snow. People have been enjoying the snow in the cities too. UPDATED

Good conditions in the Alps

It is more like Spring across the Alps with some great on piste skiing conditions. PlanetSKI is out in the mountains. UPDATED

Huge snowstorm to hit eastern USA

60cm of snow could fall in Washington and the surrounding area. It’s bad for most but not for the ski resorts. NEW

Another week of huge snowfalls

This winter just keeps on giving – finally. More snow has fallen across many parts of the Alps though it is set to warm up. Check out all the latest snow news in our weekly report. UPDATED

Austria hits the jackpot

All the talk in recent weeks has been of snow in France and Switzerland. Austria has now received huge amounts of snow accompanied by very cold temperatures. PlanetSKI reports from the Tirol.

Baby its cold out there. And snowy!

The temperatures have fallen and the snow has returned to the Alps. PlanetSKI has just arrived in Fieberbrunn in Austria where 1m has fallen in the past 48 hours. UPDATED

Feast or famine

First there was precious little snow this season & then there was so much that resorts shut. The sun has finally come out and slopes are re-opening. PlanetSKI reports. UPDATED


It’s been snowing, snowing & then snowing some more in the western Alps. It just won’t stop. But what has it been like to be out there. In the blizzard. PlanetSKI reports from Tignes.

Heavy snow is falling

Batten down the hatches as more snow is falling in parts of the Alps this week. There are also high winds. PlanetSKI has reporters across the Alps and in the Pyrenees. UPDATED

Wow! What a difference a week makes

7 days ago the conditions across the whole of the Alps were dreadful. Not any more. Check out our weekly snow overview as the snow carries on falling, but not everywhere. UPDATED

Snow away from the Alps

All eyes may be on the Alps as up to 1m of snow falls in places but it has been snowing elsewhere in Europe too. And in North America. NEW

Cars under snow

There is one sure way to tell how much snow has fallen: look at the images of cars buried under snow. So we have. UPDATED

Heavy snowfall continues

More snow falls in the Alps as winter is fully underway in many places. Up to 1m has fallen and today, Thursday, it started snowing all over again. UPDATED

Further heavy snow falls

The snow drought is over for some parts of the Alps. Up to 25cm fell at the weekend and more is falling today. However snow depths remain a long way from where they should be. NEW

Its snowing in the Alps

The predicted storms have started and PlanetSKI is lucky enough to be in Verbier in Switzerland. Check out our latest report and pictures. UPDATED

Huge amounts of snow on the way

Now that is a headline we like to write! Up to 1m is set to fall across parts of the Alps after one of the worst Decembers in recent years. The winter season is about to start. NEW

Poor snow in the Alps gets worse

There are some of the worst Xmas and New Year conditions that we can remember. Huge crowds are now skiing on a very limited number of slopes, but there is a glimmer of hope ahead. NEW

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Our weekly snow report is out and it does not make happy reading for those in the Alps where conditions are very poor. North America is the place to be as it gets pounded by snow. UPDATED

Want to see some pictures of snow?

As the snow in the Alps fails to fall we are fed up looking at pictures of brown slopes. It is not so on the west coast of North America where it does not seem to want to stop snowing. UPDATED

Snow depth claims

With poor snowfall across the Alps there are a few rather odd claims of snow levels from some areas. PlanetSKI reports.

Snow report


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Latest news on the #Coronavirus Impact on Snowsports:

- WHO Repeats Warnings to Europe as More Restrictions Loom
- Italy has ‘Covid-Free’ Flights
- Gatwick Introduces Ultraviolet Disinfecting Security Tray


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Covid-19 Update:

- WHO Warns of Serious Situation in Europe as UK Warns of the Winter Ahead
- BA Calls for Testing at Airports
- Luxury Operator to Continue with Ski Chalets
- New Zealand has Worst Recession in Years as Ski Resorts see Downturn


From Ski Jumper to Tour de France Supremo

Slovenia's Primož Roglič is the favourite to win the Tour de France and he currently wears the yellow jersey.

Roglic is a former ski jumper who only made the switch to cycling in his early 20s.


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Golf Is More Dangerous that Skiing

Skiing and snowboarding is often seen as a high-risk and injury prone sport.

Apparently it is less risky than football, rugby, tennis, cycling and, er golf.

And which is the least dangerous sport?


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