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PlanetSKI Snow Report

The warm weather in the Alps is finally set to change with a cold front approaching from the North. It is bringing some snow. In North America after record snowfalls and plunging temperatures the sun is finally making an appearance. UPDATED

PlanetSKI Snow Report…

Record amounts of snow are falling in parts of the USA with temperatures dropping to -30c in some Canadian ski resorts. In Europe it is the opposite with mild temperatures and rain at lower levels in some resorts. UPDATED

Scotland Opens for Skiing

Scotland’s ski areas have begun firing up their lifts at the start of the winter season. There’s some good skiing and snowboarding to be had. PlanetSKI has been on the slopes.

Another Bluebird Day Across the Alps

The season of 2021/22 is getting off to a cracking start with storm after storm rolling through. The latest storm has seen around half a metre in places. And one of those places is Les Menuires, where PlanetSKI is for a week long stay. UPDATED

Three Dead in Austria as First Avalanche Deaths of Season Reported

Eleven people were skiing off piste in Salzburgerland when the accident happened. Eight of them were caught in the slide. Two were injured. The authorities are urging caution after fresh snow falls on an unstable base. UPDATED

Heavy Snow in the Alps & Pyrenees

Up to 1m has fallen in places with more coming. It has been a very welcome snowstorm and has set up many resorts with some opening early. As December starts it is just what we’ve all been hoping for with snow in the Alps & the Pyrenees. UPDATED

Snow is Falling with More in the Forecast

Conditions have been about average for the time of year – so far. Some areas have good snow, but it’s been warm & more snow is needed. That situation is now changing… UPDATED

More Ski Resorts Open in Europe and North America

Verbier in Switzerland and Hochgurgl in Austria opened last weekend. In North America Vail & Breckenridge in the USA have opened some slopes with three resorts around Banff in Canada also now open. Check out the opening day videos…UPDATED

25 Ski Areas Now Open in Europe With Some Deep in Snow

Two big snow storms swept across the Alps last week leaving up to 70cm of fresh snow in places. It is an excellent start to the winter ski season with many hoping it is taste of what’s to come. UPDATED

Climate Change Threatens Swiss Glaciers

In landlocked Switzerland temperatures are rising faster than in regions that benefit from the ocean’s cooling effect.The glaciers are under threat as world leaders meet for COP26 in Glasgow.

Heavy Snow Falls in the Alps with Some in the Pyrenees Too

November has started with some excellent snow across large parts of the mountains. 19 resorts already have some terrain open in Europe with more opening this weekend. There are a handful of resorts open in the USA. PlanetSKI looks forward to being out in the Alps later this month. LIVE & UPDATED

US Ski Areas Open Weeks Early After Heavy Snow in California

Three resorts in California have fired up some lifts after more than half a metre has fallen. There has been snowfall across some other ski states with another resort in Colorado opening at the weekend. UPDATED

More Ski Resorts Now Open in the Alps

More resorts opened in Austria and Switzerland at the weekend. 19 resorts in the Alps are now offering some skiing and snowboarding. The start of the ski season of 2021/22 continues. UPDATED

Tignes is First Resort to Open in France

Skiing and snowboarding have started in Tignes. In Italy Cervinia has also begun its winter season this weekend with more resorts opening in Austria. 14 resorts in the Alps have some glacier slopes open with skiing starting in the USA too. UPDATED

First Resorts in USA Open

Wolf Creek is first out of the blocks and opened on Saturday 16th. On Sunday Arapahoe Basin followed suit. Loveland and Keystone in Colorado have also been snow making but say they will open later in the month. UPDATED

More Glacier Resorts Open After Heavy Snowfall

Three more glacier resorts open some slopes this weekend as heavy snow falls. It takes the total to eleven glacier areas open in Austria, Italy and Switzerland with two in France opening later this month. There’s also been some decent snow in Colorado, USA. UPDATED

New Zealand Ski Resorts Re-open as Covid Restrictions Ease

All the ski resorts are now able to reopen as the lockdown is eased.  Hundreds of skiers and snowboarders were out on the slopes making the most of decent Spring snow conditions. UPDATED

South America Ski Resorts Finally Get Some Snow

Some areas in Chile and Argentina have seen over 1m with ski areas that had been forced to close for lack of snow re-opening for the final month of the season. UPDATED

New Zealand Sees Heavy Snow as Country Goes into Lockdown

The country has gone into a snap lockdown so it will be a few days before people can enjoy the conditions. It follows heavy snow last week and there are set to be some of the best conditions of the winter. UPDATED

Relics found as Swiss Glaciers Melt Can now be logged on an App

People who discover archaeological relics revealed by retreating glaciers in the Swiss Alps can now use a new app to log the location and help preserve their findings.

South America Ski Areas Struggle for Snow

Parts of the Andes are seeing little fresh snow according to a report from the Reuters news agency.

New Zealand Ski Areas Pounded By Heavy Snow

50cm has fallen in some areas with forecasters predicting up to 1m in places.  The season has been hit by Covid-19 international travel restrictions but for the lucky ones it is quite a winter. UPDATED

North America Heatwave Devastates Glaciers

Scientists say the glaciers are melting at ‘worrying rates’. The temperature at 3,000m is 6 degrees above average with large amounts of ice melting. Glaciers are melting at alarming rates across the world. UPDATED

New Zealand Ski Areas See Warmest June on Record But Winter Finally Arrives

The warm weather has been blamed on climate change, but the temperatures have now dropped with more ski areas opening.

Resorts in Australia Open for the Season With Bumper Snow Conditions

It is one of the best starts to the season in recent years in Australia with resorts opening across New South Wales and Victoria. There are some limits on people’s movement in Victoria due to Covid-19, but resorts are opening. In New Zealand the season has kicked off too.

Cold Spring Brings Fresh Snow to the Alps

It’s June but snow conditions in the Alps are exceptional at altitude.  With several resorts open and more due to open soon, there is some great skiing and snowboarding for those lucky enough to get on the slopes. UPDATED

Skiing in Scotland into May

Scottish ski tourers have been out in force on Cairngorm, making the most of what will probably be the last significant snowfall of this winter. PlanetSKI’s Scotland reporter Rod Frazer was among them.

US Sees Highest Number of Avalanche Fatalities in More Than a Decade

Last season saw 36 deaths in the USA – the most in 11 years. The winter before the total was 23. A highly unstable snowpack was the main cause.

Covering Glaciers: an Expensive Way of Preventing the Ice Melting

Covering glaciers with tarpaulins reduces melting by as much as 60% but is too costly to use on a large scale, according to a Swiss research study. A separate report warns that the temperature of the Swiss permafrost is continuing to rise. 

Last Blast of Winter For Scottish Ski Areas

The return to winter weather has brought a dusting of hope for those desperate to slide around Scotland’s summits.  There was more snow over the weekend as temperatures fall. Graeme Wallace reports for PlanetSKI. 

A Return to Winter in Places

The Alps is being hit by a distinctly cold spell after the recent warm weather. Up to 50cm of snow is forecast in places and could provide some excellent Easter skiing for those lucky enough to be able to enjoy it. PlanetSKI is in the Swiss Alps.

Hopes Fade For Skiing In Scotland

Scottish Government rules mean the earliest the nation’s mountain resorts can open is 26th April, but rain and mild temperatures are threatening what has been an exceptional snowpack this winter.

Winter is Back in the Alps

It has been a very dry past few weeks but winter has returned with big snowfalls in some parts. For those lucky enough to be able to ski there is set to be some great skiing in places this week.

Alps Snow Pack Shrinks in Unusually Warm Weather

Record winter temperatures have had a devastating effect on snow conditions in many alpine ski resorts.  Chamonix recently recorded its highest February temperature ever.

Ski-In Ski-Out: Dundee-style

It’s rare to be able to ski to your front door in Scotland, especially when living far away from the Highlands. But hundreds of people have been doing just that.  Even as the big thaw begins, it’s looking good for spring touring, as PlanetSKI reader Graeme Wallace has been finding out. 

Deep Snow In Scottish Ski Areas & Beyond

They’re the best snow conditions in more than a decade. What a shame the lifts are closed and only the hardiest of locals prepared to earn their turns can enjoy it.

Sahara Sand Turns Snow Orange

It’s been snowing sand in large parts of the Alps and Pyrenees. Check out the pictures from our readers and the ski resorts.

Fresh US Avalanche Warnings as Pro Snowboarder Becomes Latest Victim

Heavy storms are leaving more snow on a very unstable and weak snowpack. It has been a record season for avalanche fatalities in the US with 26 deaths.  Conditions remain extremely dangerous across large parts of North America.

Avalanche Death Toll Continues to Climb

In Italy two skiers have died in separate accidents. There has been another fatal avalanche in Switzerland taking the death toll to 17 this season. Overall in the Alps it is now more than 50 – already half the annual average. The latest incidents follow four deaths in the Tirol over the weekend. 

Further Snow is Falling in Parts of the Alps with ‘Considerable’ Avalanche Danger

Huge amounts of snow have fallen in parts of the Alps. Some people have been caught in avalanches, villages were cut off and more snow is on the way. There have been some large spontaneous avalanches. There are some excellent skiing conditions, but it’s highly dangerous off piste.

Miracle Under the Snow

A 50-year old man out walking in the snow with his family in Val d’Isere was dug out after 2 hours and 40 minutes under the snow after an avalanche hit the group. He was located by the signal from his mobile phone.

Extreme Caution Urged As More Snow Falls on Unstable Base

In Switzerland and parts of France the avalanche risk is now Level 5 – ‘Very High’. The snowpack is ‘extremely unstable’ and the risk will be ‘critical’ in places by Friday. Already in Switzerland this winter 16 people have died in avalanches. There have been further fatalities and avalanches in France. UPDATED

Why Are There Currently So Many Fatal Avalanches in the Alps?

The snowpack is highly unstable in places and some people are simply skiing and snowboarding where they should not be given the current conditions. The worrying aspect is professionals have also been caught out. The conditions are some of the most dangerous in recent years.

Second Fatal Avalanche in Verbier

A 29-year old man from Ireland has died. It follows the death of 38-year old Englishman. . Eight people have died in four days In Switzerland – all in different accidents. There have been fatal avalanches in France too.

Huge Snowfall Continues in the Alps

If you’d rather not see pictures of the huge amounts of snow that have fallen, then look away now.   Most ski resorts remain closed and international travel is prohibited, but it does look fabulous for the lucky few able to enjoy it. UPDATED

Wintry Weather In The Alps

It’s cold and unsettled in the Alps for the first week of the New Year with more snow for some. We take a look at how it’s shaping up and cast a glance further afield to Japan where winter has hit with a vengeance. UPDATED

Snow In The Alps

It’s looking like a cold and wintry end to 2020 with snow falling in many parts of the Alps. Some areas will see more as 2021 approaches.

Historic Levels of Snow Falls in Parts of the Alps

Up to 3m has fallen in parts of Italy and Austria.  The huge storm started on Friday and though it has eased, it is still falling in places with a further 1m expected. UPDATED

Big Snowfalls in The Alps, The Pyrenees & Beyond

It’s turning wintry with further snow falling. Some areas could end up with more than 1.5m before the storm passes. The southern Alps is set to do well. And it’s been snowing in the Pyrenees, Scandinavia and Scotland too. UPDATED

Some Welcome Snow Falls in the Alps

It is not a huge amount but after a very dry period it is more than welcome.  Only Switzerland has resorts open to the general public, but others are preparing. UPDATED

Snow Falls as More US Ski Resorts Open

It’s beginning to look a lot like winter is on its way in the USA. More resorts in Colorado have opened this week and the first ski area to open in California fired up some lifts on Friday. UPDATED

Cervinia Opens This Weekend

The Italian glacier resort in the Aosta Valley is the latest to fire up its lifts for autumn. Conditions are good with full Covid-19 restrictions in place. NEW

France Opens for Skiing

Tignes and Les2Alpes opened their glaciers on Saturday as the first World Cup ski races took place in Soelden Austria. It will be a winter season like no other as skiing & snowboarding continues to get underway.

Snow in the Mountains…

There’s some of the best autumn snow that we can recall. It’s been falling again with more resorts in the Alps open and others preparing to, cross-country skiing is underway with preparations for skiing in North America starting up. Check out the rolling PlanetSKI snow report… UPDATED

Snow in the Alps, Pyrenees & Beyond…

Storms have hit the much of the Pyrenees and the southern Alps. The weather has caused some severe flooding with fatalities and people reported missing in the mountains in Italy and France. Snow has fallen at altitude. UPDATED

Snow Falls Around the World

Winter is ending in the southern hemisphere and approaching in the north. It is one of those rare times when there is snow falling in ski areas across much of the world.

The Snow in Pictures…

Our readers and friends out in the Alps have been posting pictures of the huge snow storm that has hit the Alps. Looks more like the middle of winter than the end of September. UPDATED

Ski Resorts Open as Massive Autumn Snow Storm Passes

Up to 1m of snow has fallen in places this weekend in one of the biggest autumn storms on record. It comes as a handful of glacier resorts in the Tirol fire up some lifts with some slopes already open and a Swiss resort is now opening early. UPDATED

Snow in USA & Canada

The first lift assisted skiing has happened in Colorado after some autumn snow. The ski patrol has been out in Wolf Creek as other resorts see some September snow. Check out our images & videos as winter approaches.

Snow in the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Rockies & Beyond…

The cold snap across much of Europe has brought some dustings of snow.  It may only be the start of September, but it’s a sign that winter is on its way. UPDATED

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