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Heavy Snow & Rain in Australian Ski Resorts

20cm has fallen in some resorts with resorts in New South Wales seeing the best of it. However the latest storm is expected to bring heavy rain and some resorts have closed their lifts. UPDATED

Zermatt Suspends Summer Skiing as Glacier Melts

It is the latest resort to call off summer skiing as the warm summer temperatures take their toll.  Hintertux in Austria is now the only on summer ski resort in the Alps open to the general public.

Great Salt Lake in Utah at Lowest Level Ever Recorded

The largest salt water lake in the Western Hemisphere has reached its lowest level since records began. The lake is claimed to have a significant impact on the quality of winter snow in Utah.

Further Snow Falls Down Under

The ski seasons in Australia and New Zealand are well underway with a great start to winter and more snow is now falling. UPDATED

Skiing & Snowboarding Underway in South America

The main ski areas in Argentina and Chile are now open for their 2022 season. There have been some decent conditions so far and for some it’s the first time they have been open since 2019 as Covid-19 spread.

Les2Alpes Ends Summer Glacier Skiing as Temperatures Soar

It is the latest resort to end its summer skiing operations.  There are continued high temperatures and a lack of fresh snow after a modest winter for snowfall. It raises questions about how long summer glacier skiing can carry on in alpine resorts. UPDATED

Italy Declares State of Emergency Over Drought

It is the worst drought in 70 years and follows poor levels of winter snow and precious little rain since. The alpine areas are badly affected and it will impact on summer glacier skiing. UPDATED

Final Death Toll in Italian Glacier Collapse Reaches 11

It was feared a 12th person could have been killed, but rescuers now say there is no reason to believe the toll will be higher. A day of mourning has been held. Rising temperatures have been widely blamed for the tragedy. UPDATED

Warnings of Further Glacier Collapses as Climate Change Makes Mountains Unstable

In Switzerland scientists are monitoring the mountain above Kandersteg which is moving several meters a year. A new crack has been spotted on the Marmolada glacier in Italy that partially collapsed killing 11 people earlier this month. UPDATED

Six People Die After Collapse of Italian Glacier

The accident happened in the Dolomites in northern Italy.  The collapse triggered an avalanche of rocks, snow and ice that hit a number of hikers. Eight other people were injured, two are reported to be in a serious condition. It’s feared the death toll could rise as the search operation resumes. UPDATED

Fresh Warning on Alpine Snow Levels

A new study claims the number of snow days where snow lies on the ground in the Alps will halve by 2100 if greenhouse emissions remain high. Mountain seasonal snow cover is undergoing major changes due to global climate change, but action can be taken. NEW

Skiing & Snowboarding Re-Start in Sunshine Village for Canada Day

Some slopes are now open and they will hopefully stay open to Sunday July 3rd. Friday July 1st is Canada Day. The resort hasn’t opened at this time of year for over three decades. UPDATED

State of Emergency Set to be Declared in Italian Alps as Drought Worsens

There has been no rain for almost 4-months in places. It follows a winter that saw snowfall levels down 70%, so there has also been precious little meltwater filling the rivers and reservoirs.

Everest Base Camp Set to Move Due to Climate Change

The camp is on the Khumbu glacier that is melting rapidly. A new site needs to be found at a lower altitude where there is no year-round ice. Rising temperatures are hitting the glaciers in the Himalayas hard. NEW

Low Levels of Winter Snow in Italy Lead to Worst Drought in 70 years & Water Rationing

Some people in the ski regions of Piedmont and Lombardy have been asked to ration water in the sharpest drought in the area for 70-years. It follows one of the worst winters for snow in recent years. UPDATED

Summer Skiing Opens on Whistler/Blackcomb Glacier

It’s the first time the glacier has opened in the Canadian resort since 2019. There were fears that skiing and snowboarding in the summer might be over forever.  However there are restrictions and worries for the future of glacier riding.

Now it’s the Turn of New Zealand as More Snow Falls

There have been huge falls of snow in Australia so far this season, but less so in New Zealand. Not any more as up to 1m has fallen in places. It comes as things get back to normal after Covid-19 with hopes high for a bumper ski season ahead. UPDATED

Another Alpine Glacier Resort Calls Off Summer Skiing

The Molltaler glacier in Austria has announced it will not open this year.  Earlier this month Val d’Isere said its glacier will remain shut.

Glaciers Around the World Melting Faster Due to Increasing Climate Change

The pace of their melt is accelerating on all the continents on Earth. PlanetSKI examines the current situation, the issues at stake and looks at some of the latest research.

More Ski Resorts in Australia Open as New Zealand Also Sees Snow

Resorts in Australia re open with record breaking falls of snow. In New Zealand some snow is now falling as its resorts prepare for the start of the ski season. The last two seasons have been severely disrupted by Covid-19 restrictions and hopes are high for this winter. UPDATED

Val d’Isere Glacier Will Not Open for Summer Skiing This Year

The Pisaillas glacier was due to open on June 11th.  Poor snow cover means skiing & snowboarding will not take place this year and the glacier will remain shut. Some see it as a sign of the times as climate change impacts.

Australian Resorts Open Early as Heavy Snow Falls

Perisher in New South Wales has fired up its lifts, plus Falls Creek, Mount Hotham, and Mount Buller in Victoria. It bodes well for the ski season that sees the borders open to international travellers for the first time since the pandemic. UPDATED

Skiing & Snowboarding in The USA Over Memorial Day Weekend

A handful of ski resorts will be open this weekend for Memorial Day celebrations. Some have seen some fresh snow and one has said it will be open into June. Check out the latetest… UPDATED

Sunshine Slush Cup is Back!

Many resorts have them but Sunshine in Alberta, Canada was one of the first. It’s three years since the last one took place due to Covid-19 & this season it ran for the 92nd time. UPDATED

Mammoth Mountain Open Into June

Skiing and snowboarding is going to carry on in the US resort until at least June 5th as good late season conditions continue. A few other resorts in North America are hoping to remain open for the next few weeks. UPDATED

Austrian Glaciers Likely to Melt by End of the Century

That’s the stark warning from the head of the World Meteorological Organisation, WMO, as global warming takes its toll. Glacier skiing continues in the Alps this summer but there are worries about for how much longer.

Record Numbers of Skier Visits in USA

The bounce back from the pandemic was better than hoped for and came during a poor season for snowfall. Resorts claim it bodes well for the future, despite some concerns.

Three Ski Areas in Colorado Remain Open

More snow is falling in Colorado and one resort claims it now has the best conditions of the season.  Snow is also falling across the globe in Australia as resorts prepare to open next month. UPDATED

A Last Blast in Les2Alpes

It’s a final spring fling on the slopes for PlanetSKI’s Chief Reporter.  A couple of days in the resort that has the highest skiing in France seems as good a place as any to end the season. Even better if there’s some powder skiing to be had.

PlanetSKI Heads to the Arctic Circle

We’re about to ski in one of the most northerly ski resorts in Europe, Narvik in northern Norway. It is worth a visit for the flight alone.

The PlanetSKI Snow Report

We are out in the mountains enjoying the spring skiing. We’ve had some turbulent weather in the French Alps followed by a bonus dump of late season fresh snow. We are also in Norway and Sweden deep inside the Arctic Circle. UPDATED

Avalanche Deaths Down by a Third in Switzerland

Low levels of snow across the Swiss Alps and some generally stable conditions prevailed according to a new report from the Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research based in Davos. There were though times of critical danger.

Investigations Continue After Two Women on Mountain Survival Course Die in Avalanche

They were in a party of six in Chamonix, France, with a guide when the avalanche struck. An investigation is continuing. It’s the latest in a numbers of avalanches in the north western Alps. UPDATED

Two British Brothers Lucky to be Alive After La Plagne Avalanche

One was buried under the snow for 15 minutes while the other managed to free himself. 50 people were involved in the rescue operation on Saturday. On Sunday a skier was dug out of an avalanche in Tignes. UPDATED

Inbounds Avalanche in Whistler Kills 34-Year-Old Man

The Canadian resort has expressed its deepest sympathy to the victim’s family & friends. An investigation is underway. It comes as three ski tourers died in an avalanche in Norway.

The PlanetSKI Snow Report

There are some decent spring conditions at altitude, but it is soft and slushy lower down with the warm weather taking its toll. The temperatures are about to drop over the next few days with some light snow around. PlanetSKI will be in the French Alps this week and inside the Arctic Circle in Norway. UPDATED

The PlanetSKI Snow Report

Significant amounts of snow have fallen across the Alps with some areas reporting well in excess of 50cm. It is very welcome after a prolonged dry spell with spring conditions on the slopes. It bodes well for the start of the Easter break that is getting underway. UPDATED

The PlanetSKI Snow Report

The clear weather and blue sky is back in the Alps after the sand from the Sahara passes. There’s precious little snow in the forecast with temperatures remaining mild. We report from the Austrian Alps and on recent conditions in Scotland. UPDATED

PlanetSKI Snow Report

There is settled and clear weather across the Alps. PlanetSKI moved across Italy from the Aosta Valley in the west, to The Dolomites in the east at the end of last week. Now we have arrived in the Tirol in Austria for an extended stay. UPDATED

Fresh Avalanche Warnings as Two People Die in Switzerland

Two men died in Switzerland and others were caught in separate slides in Austria but were rescued. With the busy half-term week underway the danger is ‘considerable’ in places with caution urged. UPDATED

Avalanche Incidents at Record Level in Tirol

There are warnings of a continued high risk of deadly avalanches in the Alps with the authorities in the Tirol saying have had an unprecedented number of incidents. The warnings follow the deaths of 13 people in avalanches in the Alps since Friday. The latest fatalities are two young Dutch skiers who died in France.  UPDATED

The PlanetSKI Snow Report

There has been some fresh snow in parts of the Alps with changeable weather. PlanetSKI is back in the Aosta Valley in Italy where there has been a bit of fresh snow as the half-term week continues. UPDATED

Investigations Underway After 8 Dead in 3 Separate Avalanches in Austria

In the worst incident 5 people died near the town of Spiss in the Tirol near the Swiss border.  The people caught were a group of Swedish ski tourers. Investigations are underway into all three fatal avalanches. UPDATED

The PlanetSKI Snow Report

There has been some fresh snow in parts of the Alps, but also some high winds in places. PlanetSKI’s main team is in the windy part, rather than the snowy part. Check out the latest… UPDATED

Sunshine Continues Across the Alps

Many parts are seeing further sunshine and PlanetSKI reports again from the slopes of the Alps. Our teams have been in France, Italy and Switzerland today. Fresh snow may be needed but there is still plenty of great skiing to be had. UPDATED

Snow Returns to the Scottish Highlands

It’s not enough yet to allow for extensive skiing and snowboarding but resorts in Scotland are opening some slopes. They hope they’ll soon be able to open up more terrain.  UPDATED

PlanetSKI Snow Report

It’s sunshine all the way across most of the Alps. It’s been cold but now it’s turned milder and there’s no sign of any significant snowfall in the forecast. UPDATED

PlanetSKI Snow Report

The warm weather in the Alps is finally set to change with a cold front approaching from the North. It is bringing some snow. In North America after record snowfalls and plunging temperatures the sun is finally making an appearance. UPDATED

PlanetSKI Snow Report…

Record amounts of snow are falling in parts of the USA with temperatures dropping to -30c in some Canadian ski resorts. In Europe it is the opposite with mild temperatures and rain at lower levels in some resorts. UPDATED

Scotland Opens for Skiing

Scotland’s ski areas have begun firing up their lifts at the start of the winter season. There’s some good skiing and snowboarding to be had. PlanetSKI has been on the slopes.

Another Bluebird Day Across the Alps

The season of 2021/22 is getting off to a cracking start with storm after storm rolling through. The latest storm has seen around half a metre in places. And one of those places is Les Menuires, where PlanetSKI is for a week long stay. UPDATED

Three Dead in Austria as First Avalanche Deaths of Season Reported

Eleven people were skiing off piste in Salzburgerland when the accident happened. Eight of them were caught in the slide. Two were injured. The authorities are urging caution after fresh snow falls on an unstable base. UPDATED

Heavy Snow in the Alps & Pyrenees

Up to 1m has fallen in places with more coming. It has been a very welcome snowstorm and has set up many resorts with some opening early. As December starts it is just what we’ve all been hoping for with snow in the Alps & the Pyrenees. UPDATED

Snow is Falling with More in the Forecast

Conditions have been about average for the time of year – so far. Some areas have good snow, but it’s been warm & more snow is needed. That situation is now changing… UPDATED

More Ski Resorts Open in Europe and North America

Verbier in Switzerland and Hochgurgl in Austria opened last weekend. In North America Vail & Breckenridge in the USA have opened some slopes with three resorts around Banff in Canada also now open. Check out the opening day videos…UPDATED

25 Ski Areas Now Open in Europe With Some Deep in Snow

Two big snow storms swept across the Alps last week leaving up to 70cm of fresh snow in places. It is an excellent start to the winter ski season with many hoping it is taste of what’s to come. UPDATED

Climate Change Threatens Swiss Glaciers

In landlocked Switzerland temperatures are rising faster than in regions that benefit from the ocean’s cooling effect.The glaciers are under threat as world leaders meet for COP26 in Glasgow.

Heavy Snow Falls in the Alps with Some in the Pyrenees Too

November has started with some excellent snow across large parts of the mountains. 19 resorts already have some terrain open in Europe with more opening this weekend. There are a handful of resorts open in the USA. PlanetSKI looks forward to being out in the Alps later this month. LIVE & UPDATED

US Ski Areas Open Weeks Early After Heavy Snow in California

Three resorts in California have fired up some lifts after more than half a metre has fallen. There has been snowfall across some other ski states with another resort in Colorado opening at the weekend. UPDATED

More Ski Resorts Now Open in the Alps

More resorts opened in Austria and Switzerland at the weekend. 19 resorts in the Alps are now offering some skiing and snowboarding. The start of the ski season of 2021/22 continues. UPDATED

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